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Book Show and Tell This Heart of Mine

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For my book I read This Heart of Mine. It’s about a girl named Leah. Leah has an artificial heart that she carries around in a back pack. She has many heart conditions and has to take numerous pills. She goes to school with twin boys in her grade. They popular an all the girls swoon over them. Their names are Matt and Eric. Eric commits suicide in the book and he has the same blood type as Leah so she gets his heart. In the story Matt and Leah develop a relationship by bonding over Eric. Matt doesn’t believe that Eric killed himself and neither does Leah because she has visions of Eric and she discovers clues on what happened to him. Matt and Leah end up falling in love and develop a connection as they uncover what really happened to Eric.

When I first started reading the book, I thought that Eric really had killed himself by the way the first part of the book made it sound. But the book was full of surprises and I really liked it. It is a mystery. And it was really fun to see what really happened and read as the characters figured it out.

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes mystery and romance novels. This book is both. It was very descriptive and was in many different points of view.

Lit Circle Final Project

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For this project the two songs that jumped out at me the most were Fireflies by Owl City and I Was Here by Beyonce. Meg uses firefly as her username on the suicide support website and it reminded me of that song when I read that part. She also liked a band with Firefly in the name. The lyrics remind me of the personality that she had in the book. She was weird and different just like the song.

I Was Here is what the title of the book is and in the lyrics it talks about wanting to be remembered and having no regrets. Meg didn’t seem to have regretful feelings when she was thinking about suicide. And she knew she was going to be remembered by her family and by Cody.

I think the songs we chose really describe our book in it’s own way. I liked finding pieces of different songs that matched our book. I didn’t really hate anything about the novel and I don’t hate our soundtrack. Although the part with the suicide support group was a little hard for me to understand. But other than that I really liked the book. I liked that in the end Cody was able to let go of Meg.

Blog Post #6

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The computer picture reminded me of Meg’s computer she used to send those emails to the people on that suicide website. And how Cody used to to track down ALL_BS and trick him into thinking she was one of them. She spent a lot of time on that computer going through Meg’s emails and talking to ALL_BS. She also used the wifi at the library and at one of the houses she cleaned.

The picture of the view reminded me of the view they saw while they passed through Utah to get to where ALL_BS lived and where her dad lived. They drove a lot to get there. She left Ben to get on a flight so she could get home quicker and Ben had to drive it by himself. But it ended in a good way.

The picture of the boxes reminded me of when Meg’s parents asked Cody to go pack Meg’s stuff up and going there is what started all of this. Its how she met Ben and tried to give him his t shirt back. It’s where she met Tree and Alice and Stoner Richard. She gained a lot of friends from going there. And she might have not been able to let go if she hadn’t have gone through all of this.

I think that the events in this book were believable. I liked the ending and how Cody was able to let go. I kinda saw the whole Meg was really depressed and Cody couldn’t see it thing. But I think maybe she did see it but she didn’t want to believe it. Her parents knew about the suicide support group which was surprising but it made Cody feel bad for not telling them sooner. Overall I didn’t think anything they did was impossible and I thought it was a good book.

Blog Post #5

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In the book I Was Here, the social problem to me right now in the part I’m in is when  Meg goes to a site online where there is people who are for suicide. There’s many opinions on suicide but these people make it seem like it’ll take all your pain away and basically try to convince her to take her own life. They give her reasons and tell her that she shouldn’t have to think about what it would do to her loved ones. I think the author is trying to make us more aware of the people that are stuck in situations like this and that there’s some people out there that do believe it will take all there pain away and solve their problems. But in situations like this in the real world when you tell someone they should just kill themselves, you’re basically charged with assisted murder. It’s bullying.

Cody was going through her deleted emails on her computer and found emails she had exchanged on a website where the people were for suicide. It was a website where people could talk about it without feeling shamed. Meg exchanged emails with another person who told her she shouldn’t have to worry about her loved ones she would be leaving behind. And what this all would do to them. At the part of the story I’m in it’s like they’re convincing her to take her life.

There’s a lot of people out there who struggle with depression and suicide. But I don’t think people who convince them that it’s okay and that everything will be better if they just end it helps them. I think they should try to get help and try to surround themselves with loved ones. But that is just my opinion and so is this whole blog. But I’ve tried to understand the other side’s point of view but it’s hard. I’ve also never felt like that which makes it harder for me to understand.

I haven’t read a book that had a driven issue before. I like it so far and the way they try to get points across. It’s not really my type of book but I still like reading it and I want to find out what happens the the characters in the story and how it effects her life.

Final Steelheart Blog Post

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I don’t think you have to have real super powers to be a hero. I know a lot of people in my life that are heros in my eyes and they don’t have powers. Humans in Steelheart were kind of pure because they didn’t have powers and they weren’t corrupted. I wanted to know more about Megan. But other than that I really liked the book. I liked how the villains had fun names that corresponded to what they’re powers were. For our podcast we focused on power and how it can corrupt you and make you very greedy. We also talked about revenge and how David centered his life around him and it made him who he is.

Book Talk Blog Post

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I did my book talk on The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I really loved this book even though it was a little dark. I connect with this book in a few ways and I think that’s why I liked it so much, because I can relate to it. Charlie is a Wallflower. He rather sit quietly in the background than participate. He knows a lot about people by observing them. He meets Sam and Patrick and they take him in and he feels like he belongs. Charlie faces many struggles in the book but he finds himself and knows what will make him happy. He figures out what’s important in life and what matters. You should be yourself rather than pretend you’re something you’re not.

Blog post #4 Steelheart series

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I’m going to finish the Steelheart series for my final. It’s an interesting book and I would like to see what happens during the rest of the books. I’ll find time to read after work. It’ll be a good way to relax and just chill after work. I’m almost done with the first book and then I can start on the second one.

Blog #3

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Mortal Instruments is a series I’ve read over and over. I love being sucked into a book with heros and friends. It’s comforting to get lost in a book. It helps me block out everything that bothers me. I have a spacious backyard. We have a couple of trees and on a warm day I like to bring a blanket and sit up against the tree and read. I like to lose track of time and just read until the sun goes down and it’s too dark to read. I usually do this in the summer.

Blog #2

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Steelheart had a little sister. They were very close and he had a soft spot for her. He was her hero and that made him feel like he was everything. And to her he had been. Rosie was her name. She was five years old, she had gold pig tails and always wore a green poofy skirt. Rosie followed him everywhere he went. They did everything together.

He’d take her to the lake where’d she collect rocks. She’d give them out to all her friends and family as little presents. Although she hated when the rocks dried because they’d no longer be shiny and would lose their pretty color. Steelheart made her a little mini pool for them so they would stay wet and pretty. They spent a lot of time at the lake. Steelheart would skip rocks while Rosie collected.

About a year after her fifth birthday, they were on the way to the lake. There was a little trail in the woods that led straight to the lake. They knew it like the back of their hands. Steelheart heard a twig snap. He didn’t feel like they were in grave danger but there was still wild animals and Rosie was still small. He took her hand and told her to stay quiet. They climbed into a near by tree to get a better look of the surroundings. Three men walked down the trial. They wore strange gear and strange weapons. Steelheart didn’t know if they were good or bad so he stayed in the tree until they passed. He waited until he couldn’t hear them anymore before climbing down the tree. He decided it was safer if they just went home.

The men jumped out of the bushes and grabbed Rosie. Steelheart started to run after them. He yelled as loudly as he could, “No! Please! Don’t take her. Somebody help me!” Nobody answered. He ran as fast as he could but his foot caught a rock and he fell to the ground. When he woke up it was dark. At first he didn’t know where he was or what happened. But when he came to realize it hit him like a punch to the gut. He got up and ran again calling Rosie’s name. ” Please! Someone help me!” There was no response. He was out there for hours feeling feeling hopeless. After what felt like days to him people from his town finally came and started to search the forest for the kids. They only found Steelheart.

It crushed Steelheart’s family that little bright Rosie was not there. But it crushed Steelheart the most. He lost his little companion. As well as his best friend. He couldn’t be the hero she needed. And his heart grew cold. He decided then he couldn’t be the hero. So he decided the opposite would be the better option. He became evil and stopped caring. He felt no remorse and after a while he forgot himself and the way he used to be. His parents tried talking to him but he didn’t listen. They wanted him to try and get over himself. To be like he used to be and let it go. Steelheart replied, “Why try if I will just fail?”

Blog Post #1

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I like to read. I’ve read a few series. I’ve been reading since I was little. I like the Twilight series and The Mortal Instruments. I like to read in my room. I like to read only one book at once so I don’t get confused. I like Sci- Fi and romance novels but not too romancy.

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