Book Declaration For Term 3

I've Got My Eyes on You
For this term I’ve chosen to read I’ve Got my Eyes on You by Mary Higgins Clark. This book was published in 2018 by Simon & Schuster. I chose to read this book because my mom likes Mary Higgins Clark’s books so she told me that I should read them so I’ve started to. I also really like mystery books and most of Mary Higgins Clark’s books are mystery. There are 246 pages in my book. There really isn’t a clear main character yet because it is about the police finding out who killed Kerry Dowling.

This book was written by Mary Higgins Clark in 2018. Mary Higgins Clark has over 50 novels published, with millions of copies sold throughout the United States. She was honored in France with the Grand Prix de Littérature Policière in 1980.

The plot/ conflict of I’ve Got my Eyes on You is that Kerry Dowling is found dead in her pool and the police think that is was murder. They all assume that is was her over protective boyfriend, but later that turns to their neighbor who is intellectually disabled young man named Jamie. I think that everyone will think that Jamie is the one who killed Kerry but someone will find out that he is innocent and find the real murderer. This book has 246 pages so I will have to read about 4 pages everyday.

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