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                                 For this term, I chose to read The Scorch Trials written by James Dashner it was published in 2010 by Delacorte Press. I chose to read this for a few reasons. Everyone I asked has either read the book or seen the movie, I also wanted to read because it is something new. There are 360 pages in the book. The main character is Thomas Edison, he is about 16 years old (His age is never said for sure) Who has escaped the Maze and is now being sent to safety by WICKED.

                   James Dashner wrote the Maze Runner Series. James Dashner now lives in the Rocky Mountains and published it in 2010. He used to live in Georgia. He has made 2 other series. The Maze Runner series has 5 books and 3 movies.

                     The plot of Scorch Trials is that Thomas and the remaining Gladers survived and escaped the Maze. Now WICKED has sent the Gladers to a safe-zone. They are then sent to the Scorch, land around the equator that was damaged by the Sun Flares. Thomas and the Gladers soon discover that a disease known as the Flare is turning people into zombie-like creatures called Cranks.  As they go through the Trials the face many hardships and friends. The basic conflict is mostly the Gladers must survive and fight off the Cranks. Now, I think that Thomas will survive the Trials and find a cure to the Flare. There are 360 pages in the book but I should only need about 2 days to read it.

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