Post #3: Bookish Comforts

Image result for bookshelfBooks have always been a comfort to me, even when I’m in a phase where I’m not reading them as much, it’s always good to know that they’ll be waiting for me when I come back. And the collection is forever expanding, with the joys of book store visits and online delivery bringing me my pristine collections of mysticism, science, and adventure. Scouring every aisle. Searching every shelf. So much to choose from, and so little time.I love the feeling of a great initial hook, something that get’s you excited to turn those pages and see what’s next, I love finishing a book and knowing that my itch for more can be satisfied by the next book, the next story, the next adventure. Oh yeah, I also like pretty covers, especially when they match 🙂
I’ve always been drawn back to one of my favorite books, the Arc of a Scythe Trilogy, where I’ve read the first book probably about a bazillion times and found something new every time. I love the world, the characters, the plot, and yes, even the villain. It’s so unique and yet so familiar, and perhaps one day my comfort book will change, but for today I find the greatest solace within the confines of Neal Shusterman’s Scythe.
The perfect reading day for me would be a quiet one, I’m at home, in my room, and on my bed in the most comfortable reading position I can imagine (it shall remain in my imagination because I haven’t found it yet). I’m not twitchy, getting impatient at the book and just wanting to reach a page goal, but I’m actually enjoying it, pushing beyond even what I thought I could do. I’m imagining it vividly, I can see the characters, identify their features and voices, everything is clear and streamline. The light outside is overcast, my lamp is on, my sheets are drawn, and I’m happy.
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