Blog #6: Talking Pictures

Tap, tap, tap goes the window. Eleanor doesn understand. In fact she feels threatened, what would she do if the only non-Richie way out of the house was blocked by some burglar. Luckily it’s just Park, standing out in the freezing cold, like a dumbie. It’s dangerous over here, and he knows it, but he came anyway, he had to see her. Eleanor knows the risks but takes them anyways, Park receives a mouthed “School,” and Eleanor sneaks out quietly as she can.
Eleanor and Park don’t really have much time together at the beginning of their relationship, so they share snippets, little bits and pieces coming together into a whole. Now that whole is a bit awkward for other students and may be what we call in the biz (don’t ask what biz) unwanted PDA. On of these snippet zones is Eleanor’s locker, where Park goes to annoy her and love her all the same.
Makeover time! And luckily for me it’s not just the whipping off of the glasses, a terrible trope because when I take off my glasses all I see is a blurry blob. Are people attracted to blurry blobs. Answer unknown. But anyways, Mrs. Sheridan is determined to round out Eleanor’s blob, that is to say her face, and Eleanor hates every moment of it. Makeup just isn’t her thing, but maybe it’s good she’s finally getting some bonding time with Park’s mom. And anyhow, even if she doesn’t like makeup, there’s certainly one part of the couple that’ll make up for the other, and that’s park who starts wearing onyx eyeliner much to the chagrin of his father.

The story of Eleanor & Park is coming along greatly, and although some of the situations are getting actively uncomfortable for me to read I’m still finding some measure of joy in at least knowing that the development makes sense. First anger, second annoyance, tolerance, a bit of awkwardness, and then the initial connection which sparks into all kind of lovey dovey things like hand holding, kissing, and the growing desire to chomp down on skin. All signs of love. I’m loving it all, everything seems to be built up just right and with just enough character combined with reality that it feels like an escape while at the same time feeling like reality. It’s truly incredible and although I can’t exactly predict how everything will turn out but goshdernit I’m emotionally connected now, and I’ll see how it ends if it’s the last thing I do!

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