Book Show And Tell (The Institute By Steven King)

The Institute is about a boy named Luke and how he is kidnaped and taken to an institute for experimenting. He finds out that he has telekinetic powers along with all the other kids there and book is about him finding evidence to prove the evilness of the institute and escape.

I loved this book. Steven King continues to inspire me to keep reading this book is no exception. I would recommend this book to anyone who is big into sci-fi horror or any of Steven Kings other works

T4W1: Social Justice Background

Our book “The Hate U Give” is about police brutality and this book is trying to make people more aware of that social issue. Our world defiantly plays a role in this book. As it is about the very real problem of police brutality. Whether it is the brutality that has happened over many years or the recent upbringings of George Floyd and his death to a police officer. When this kind of behavior has been introduced pretty much has been an issue since Americas founding. Even after the freeing of the slaves during Abe Lincolns time. How this applies to what the novel is about so far. Well the main character Starr watches her friend Khalil die to a police officer who pulled them over. The police officers actions has caused her so much grief throughout the book so far.

I overall like what the book is trying to do. However, I feel like the incident in the book is not very realistic on what would actually happen. Not to say that police brutality isn’t a real thing because it is. But, I just wish it went in more detail what the police officer and Khalil said that could of caused this. The police officers actions, while abominable don’t seem very realistic and don’t seem like how it would happen in real life.

Final Project Soundtrack

Sounds of Silence I felt fit the book because Starr for the majority of the book is dealing with her inner demons that were caused by the shooting. Along with November Rain felt essential as well because it really sets the tone of the book.

What I love about the book is the fact that the books brings a very real problem with American Society specifically. That being police brutality. This is a topic I wish would have to be an issue. The way I see it, people are people. No one is inherently evil because of their race, sexuality or so on. I believe it was Martin Luther King that said “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character,”. That still applies today.

Blog #6 -Talking Pictures

The Keys

The keys represent the car in which the incident took place in The Hate U Give were a police officer shoots and kills Khailil. Keys are needed to start a car so that’s why I took a picture of those

The School

The Story mainly takes place in a school and that is why I took a picture of this. Most events in the story and how Starr copes with the recent events

The Flag

I took a picture of the American flag specifically because the story takes place in America. This story is about the systematic racism that still plagues our society today.



Blog #3 (Bookish Things That bring me Comfort)

The smell of an new book matched the likes of the guy inĀ  the video we watched in class. I think this lines up mainly because people just enjoy the smell of certain objects say, flowers and pastry.

Some of my favorite comfort books are Paper Towns, The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings. They bring so much comfort in my life because they explore a world or characters that don’t exist in real life but are real like. Say they have real human emotions and the such. i find that this really feeds the idea of an escape from the modern world. It creates a time and place to pause and reflect.

Most Bookish activity I enjoy is sitting next to a fireplace on a rainy day with a cup of coffee or cider, blanket, and a book just being sucked into the books world with the sound of rain and the warmth of the fire next to you.

T3W8: Final Steelheart Blog Post

After reading Steelheart I feel like the line between hero and villain is a little weird. On the one hand the Epics do provide things for there citizens but in the case of the Epic known as Steelheart, while he provides many things he doe kill some of his citizens for no apparent reason. As I discussed in the podcast however, we are not given Steelheart’ s point of view here’s so he very well could be killing citizens for a good reason.

This leads me to my next point though. I wish the villain in this story was more likable. I don’t know about you but Steelheart seemed very bland the entire time I was reading. Nothing about him seemed like something a real person or entity would do. Good villains have a reason for what they do. Steelheart reason from what I could gather was just to be bad. That’s not something that someone just decides one day. Weather it is for a good or bad reason people have a reason for being the way they are

In our podcast, we discussed what makes a villain truly a villain. I touched on the fact that we don’t know Steelhearts point of view so how can we really know. Like I said before. People are not bad just to be bad and that’s why I think Steelheart kind of falls flat.

Book Show & Tell–(The Shining, by: Steven King)

The Shining by Steven King is about a family that goes to a house/hotel for a family get away. Jonny one of the main characters starts seeing things. He starts seeing people who have been long since been dead. He begins to love the place while the rest of his family really wants to leave and forces them to stay. He begins to lose his mind and is told by one of these figments of his imagination that he has to kill his family. Causing the main plot to unfold. That is as far as I have read so far but my guess is that the rest of the book is going to be the family attempting to escape the house and Jonny on his murderous rampage.

I currently love this book. The writing is so good. Steven King is one of my favorite authors. I haven’t seen the movie, but I can defiantly tell why Hollywood would of liked this story and made into one though. Steven King has a way with his writing that incises you into his novel just wondering what’s going to happen and keeps you up at night not knowing. I would recommend this book to anyone who is either a fan of Steven King or loves horror

Post #1: Introduction

Hi, am Jacob or Jake if you prefer and I personally love to read. I honestly don’t know when I first learned to read but I have been told that when I was learning as a child it was a possess to get me to read at all. Some of my favorite books have got to be, The Hobbit, Paper Towns, and It. As you can probably tell I love Fantasy and Horror novels from J.J.R Tolkien and Stephen King as they are some of my favorite authors to date. When I read, I like to have some inhabitant music or sounds playing with headphones as I read. I find that it as a sort atmosphere that you don’t get any other way. Especially when reading Horror as it typically keeps me more on edge.