T3W8: Final Steelheart Blog Post

After reading Steelheart I feel like the line between hero and villain is a little weird. On the one hand the Epics do provide things for there citizens but in the case of the Epic known as Steelheart, while he provides many things he doe kill some of his citizens for no apparent reason. As I discussed in the podcast however, we are not given Steelheart’ s point of view here’s so he very well could be killing citizens for a good reason.

This leads me to my next point though. I wish the villain in this story was more likable. I don’t know about you but Steelheart seemed very bland the entire time I was reading. Nothing about him seemed like something a real person or entity would do. Good villains have a reason for what they do. Steelheart reason from what I could gather was just to be bad. That’s not something that someone just decides one day. Weather it is for a good or bad reason people have a reason for being the way they are

In our podcast, we discussed what makes a villain truly a villain. I touched on the fact that we don’t know Steelhearts point of view so how can we really know. Like I said before. People are not bad just to be bad and that’s why I think Steelheart kind of falls flat.

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