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In this story it talks about a little boy who gets bullied for being the only East Asian boy. He is from veitnam but no one knows that and bases his race off of what he eats and how he lives. Some of his class mates start calling him names like “rice ball Alex”. And at home his family is very hard in him if he doesnt speak or write chines fluently.

Some word choice that help me understand this story better was when Alex and his friends were in the park, the author of this story gave very good detail of how his classmates didnt respect him and would draw on the park bench that he ate lunch at everyday and write the names that they would call him on it. They would often bring this up as the sytax of the story. The main idea of this peace i would say is to respect people and dont bully if they look different or do different things then you.

This boy would bring his spring roles and rice to school and eat it for lunch because that was apart of his culture.

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