Blog #2: Backstory

Steelhearts story

The sun was setting, everything was so peace while he hid in the small shack he had built to protect himself from the humans that didn’t have powers. They were jealous and full of rage. They wanted to be something special, but what they really wanted was to be powerful enough to take over anyone or anything. They craved the power that only some people had. The ones that did have powers and lots of it were bringing hell to earth. They were fighting, killing, and taking what they wanted. They knew the goverment couldn’t stop them so they did as they pleased. Lots of kids that had these powers and didn’t understand how to use them were taken but the lucky ones hid. Steelheart was a lucky one. He had been hiding his whole life so that he wouldn’t get taken and he wouldn’t end up fighting. He knew that his powers were strong but he only used them when he needed them. Steelheart had kept the secret of his powers for so long because he knew he would cause destruction. But a couple years ago a tragic accident happened. He was with his parents, who didnt know about his powers, and they were trying to find a place to hide and a tall dark figured man came to them and robbed them. Steelheart knew they didn’t have much and was furious he took all of it so he killed to the man with his powers. But his parents were horrified and scared of their own son. So they told him to leave, they never wanted to see him again. As he was running away in tears he told himself he was gonna never use his powers again. But little did he know that would all change soon.

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