I chose to read legend by Marie Lu. This book is about a world that is biased in the US but there are 2 separate sides. There is the side that is more poor and like the slumps and the high class rich side. Every kid no matter where they live take a test at the age of 10. If they score below a 1000 then they are sent away and killed. If they get above a 1000 then they are safe and go on to collage and things like that. The main character Day scored below a 1000 so he got sent away, but he managed to escape and now he lives with a friends named Tess. They are scavengers that bounce around from one place to another but always stay semi close to Days house where his family lives. Days family doesn’t know he is still alive but he watches out for them. There is a plague going on and the government comes for regular checks to see if anyone has it. If they do they are quarantined and their dorr is marked with a red X. In the story there is one girl that got a perfect score on the test (1500) and she wants to capture day, because day is wanted by the government because he toirments them and gets away. She goes on a mission to find him and Days family gets taken. June and Day end up becoming friends but lots of things happen and I don’t want to spoil the end but conflict happens between them amd day is brought in to the government.

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