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The Eye of Minds by James Dashner: Characters

Michael: Main character; spends all free time in the Sleep (more than he realizes); does “brave” things; makes stupid choices; allied with the VNS; doesn’t spend time with family or Helga; kind of useless; does some coding things once in a while; major gamer.

Sarah: Teenage girl; one of Michael’s best friends; actually does coding; brave and daring; seems to be more serious.

Bryson: Teenage boy; another one of Michael’s best friends; supposedly great coder; seems to be impulsive.

Kaine: Main evil guy; actually AI; wants to take over the virtual world; powerful influence and huge amount of computing power.

Helga: Michael’s nanny, even though he’s way too old for a nanny; makes really good waffles; makes Michael think he’s normal; probably Russian.

There was not much character development at all. It was hard to tell what the people were like because we didn’t have any description to go off of.


We didn’t like the book very much. The characters were poorly developed. Dasher didn’t write the book very well; it felt as though everything was being forced into the plot. Additionally, all of the supposedly important information given throughout the book was negated with the ending. The idea of the world and the cyberterrorism within it is intriguing, but that was the only engaging part. The ending was a little forced and confusing, since it logically would contradict earlier facts given. It felt a lot like Maze Runner + Ready Player One.

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