Breath of the wild time glitch

Okay so I wanted to start off with a glitch in BOTW (Breath of the wild). If you have ever played breath of the wild then you know about the skeletons. These guys are really annoying because you have to break their head… or skull to defeat them. Anyway using this time glitch you can totally bypass them!

Getting out of bounds

Okay, first start a new game, then skip the cutscene and grab the sheikah slate. Press down the right stick to use the scope.(This is just to get rid of the first cutscene). Then run over to the room with the two chests of clothes. Push two big boxes to the side of the ramp with the top one right against the wall. Go onto the top box and face Link towards the wall. Face your camera away from the wall. Press down the right stick to use the scope and hopefully you should clip through the wall! If you don’t then just try again until you do. Once you’re outside boundaries save.

Getting out

After you save find the snowy wall and go up into the highest point. Crouch down and wedge yourself into the highest spot and stand up. You should pop out onto the ground, if not just try until you do. Now you don’t have to worry about skeletons because the time is permanently 5:15! Thanks for reading this and stay cool.


Freezing time


Great now you’ve frozen time! Just don’t walk to the entrance of the shrine of resurrection and time will never start. If you wan’t you can always go back to the entrance of the shrine of resurrection to start time again.