My essay.

 Sometimes in life people need to be calmed. I think oceans are a great place to do that. I think they can help you feel sentimental.

I think oceans can make you sentimental because they can calm you down, they are fun to play in, and most of all, because of the sound.

One reason I think oceans can make you sentimental is because they can calm you down. For example, if you are mad they can sooth you. This is good because one time I was working on a model on a vacation to the beach, I was mad because I lost a piece and I couldn’t complete the model without it. I thought about looking at the ocean and it calmed me down. I finally found it. In other words, oceans are soothing and calming.

Another reason I think oceans can make you sentimental is they are fun to play in. For example, you can swim in big waves. One time I remember swimming in the air pocket of a giant wave. It was scary because I couldn’t see the sun. To add on, you can surf, boogie board, and fish.

The last reason I think oceans can make you sentimental is because of the sound. For example, they sound like church bells. In addition, it sounds beautiful, powerful, and can make you focus. The last time I went to the ocean it helped me focus.

I realize that oceans can be calming and that this is good for calming down after being angry. Oceans sounds can be used at dinner. In conclusion, oceans can be very calming.


The emojis

New emojis ☺😇😡😊😈😢😀😉😴😁😯😮😂😐😣😃😑😤😄😕😥😅😠😦😆😬😧😨😷😙😩😞😘😰😒😚😟😍😎😱😛😭😲😜😥😅😠😦😆😬😧🐕🐔🐢🐤🐑🐁🐇🐄🐑🐮

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Informational rap

The water cycle is a thing where the sun makes water say “me, me, me!”

The sun heats up the water so the atoms are jazzed,

in fact they’re so happy that they fling them selves,

that’s called, evaporation.

When the water flies,



high it will see dust and it will say,


Then the dust will say “want some candy?’

And the water reply “for reals, that’s dandy”

The water will envelop the dust and cool down and float as a water partial.

This is called condensation, people.

When the water gets tired it let’s go and falls,



Now this has a strange name it’s precipitation.

If the water floats down into the earth, it will be store in under ground reservoirs.

Now this  has the weirdest name it’s percolation.

If it falls onto  the ground and floats away to the ocean today,

that’s called a runoff.

That’s the end-off