Joseph’s birthday

Hello, my name is Link, and you probably want to hear my story. Well, here it is.

My best friend is Joseph. He’s kinda, sorta, really a funny guy. And this is how his birthday went… well from my point of view at least.

One day at breakfast, dad said, “Mail’s here!” So I went to get it. I was flipping through the ads when I saw something that caught my eye. “Is that a (gasp)birthday invitation letter?” I said. I opened it up and read, “You are invited to Joseph’s birthday party! It is at his house on the 30th of August,2019, at three.” I gasped again. A moment of silence, then with a burst of speed, I ran inside.

“Mom mom” I shouted, “I have an invitation to my friend’s birthday party!”

“That’s nice, who is it?”

“It’s Joseph” I yelled at the top of my lungs. “When’s it at” asked mom, “It’s today at 3″ I replied.”

“That’s too bad”said mom,”I have got a dentist appointment”,

“But, but can’t I stay home and watch cartoons?” I pleaded. “Fine ” said mom. “Yes,” I said.

That night at 2:50 I started to Joseph’s house. As I walked I reflected on what I had just done, “I just tricked my mom into letting me go to my friend’s birthday party, wow.”  I ponder this until I almost ran into a wall. It took me a second to realize that it was The wall of Joseph’s house.

As I joined the party Joseph said “Hi Link glad you could make it,”He flashed me a white smile, I smiled back, uneasily. About an hour later I was doing the floss, I paused. So did Joseph. In fact, everyone in the room froze. “Did, did I just hear the G word on the song” someone said, “Yeah, I heard it to” said someone else. I looked at Joseph, with my eyes full of tears. Then I ran. I ran and ran and ran. I ran past the mall, past the arcade and past the farmer’s market. I ran until I got home. Then I went to my room, locked the door and cried until mom got home.

That night at dinner I confessed everything. Mom said, “It’s okay, You just really wanted to go to that party”, “I know, I know I’m sorry.”


The next day at school I asked Joseph “Why did you do that?”

 “Do what, he asked?” “On the song, you know the G word, I replied.”

 “Oh, That was an accident. I’m sorry.”

So Joseph and I worked it out in the end.

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