On Not Being Seen

In A Monster Calls, Harry tells Conor “I don’t see you anymore.” Then the Monster comes and tells Conor the third tale. The third tale is about an invisible man who wants people to notice them. So, he calls the Monster to make them see. While this is being told to Conor he is beating up Harry with the Monster’s power. I think that while Conor doesn’t want everyone to “see” him and give him instant VIP treatment because of his mum, he does want just one or two people who can understand what he’s feeling.  However, because he’s going through puberty and isn’t sure how to deal with life he’s feels like he hast to push away people like lily who can actually relate with him. I think that it’s important to understand what Conor is going through because he doesn’t know what to feel so he pushes everyone away, which is exactly the opposite of what he truly wants. What Conor, and anyone else going through something like depression, needs to do is get help and talk to other people and what can feel for him.


  1. I don’t think Lily can really relate to Conor, but rather she can be sympathetic towards him. I don’t think Conor realizes what he really wants/needs.

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