Deep Thinkers 2.6

Source: Look Who’s Back, Timur Vermes, page 22

Quote: “My brain required the stomach of an ox to digest the other information I managed to unearth. One had to disregard the press’s miscalculations on matters military, historical, political – on every topic, in fact, including economics – the result of either ignorance or malicious intent; otherwise faced with such reams of foolishness, a thinking person would simply go insane. Or one would develop and ulcer from reading the scribblings of the syphilitic, degenerate minds withing the gutter press who, manifestly freed from all state control were at liberty to publish the sick and profane view of the world they had dreamed up. ”

Context: Hitler has just woken up in 2011 and is staying with a newspaper kiosk owner where his only source of information is from the newspapers the guy sells.

This Makes me Think: It gives and interesting insight as what life might have been like under Hitler’s control. Hitler controlled the press so that the people believed from every angle that whatever Hitler believed was true. You know how we’re taught to go over sources to verify their legitimacy? Schools in Nazi Germany could have taught that whatever the press said was true, was true. Because Hitler controlled the press, what one newspaper said, then all the newspapers said.

Deep Thinker 2.5

Source: Look Who’s Back, Timur Vermes, page 21

Quote: “We all know, of course, what to make of our newspapers. The deaf man writes down what the blind man has told him, the village idiot edits it, and their colleagues in the other press houses copy it.”

Context: Hitler has just woken up in 2011 and is staying with a newspaper kiosks owner and is talking about all that he can get information from is the newspapers.

This makes me think: You know how everybody talks about fake news like it’s a big new story rather than recognizing that we all already knew that newspapers were not entirely trustworthy. Most of the people I know already were aware that newspapers have a job to take normal news stories and inflate it up to extremely large lengths. A good example of this is the fake news story which was already known by other people.

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Deep Thinkers 2.4

Source: Look Who’s Back, Timur Vermes, page 21

Quote: “I was reported to be dead. They said I had committed suicide. In truth I do recall having discussed this contingency – purely theoretically – with my confidants, and my memory was definitely lacking a few hours of what had been a terribly difficult time. But, in the final analysis, I only needed look at myself to see the facts. Was I dead?”

Context: Hitler just woke up and met a newspaper kiosk owner and had just learned what I put above. He is still finding it difficult to cope that he is however many years in the future than he thought.

This Makes me Think: I’m getting a bunch of depression vibes right now though I’m not sure why. Though, when I thought about it more I recognized how much similar depression and suicidal actions are. I think that the “Was  I dead?” quote is were I got this. Because people who are ready to commit suicide and people with depression are living a fake life acting as if they have nothing wrong when they really do.

Word Nerds 2.4

Source: Look Who’s Back, Timur Vermes, page 16

Quote: “Perhaps I needed to find a job, temporarily at least, until I knew whether and how I might find a job, temporarily at least, until I knew whether and how I might be able to seize the reins of government again. Until then, a means of earning money was essential. Maybe I could work as a painter or an architect’s practice.”

Context: This is right after Hitler has come back in 2011 and he has just learned that he is no longer in power and that he is a long way from the time-period he died in

This makes me think: I  think that sometimes we see things like the Holocaust and think “Man, what idiots. How did they allow a person like Hitler into power, and then still let him do all those things?” But I think that this quote helps you to understand that Hitler was very cunning. He was patient and never lost sight of his main goal. He was willing to work a normal job for who-knows-long and still focus on the fact that his goal is to get back into power.

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Deep Thinkers 2.3

Source: Look Who’s Back, Timur Vermes, Page: the back of the front cover of the book which gives a summary of the book

Quote: “Summer 2011. Berlin. Adolf Hitler wakes up in a vacant lot, alive and well. But the world as he once knew it has changed – no Eva Braun, no Nazi party, no war. Hitler barely recognizes his beloved Fatherland, now filled with immigrants and run by a woman.”

Context: This is the summary of the book that talks about what the book is going to address.

This Makes me Think: I think that from reading this that “What would happen?” I mean, Hitler was a phenomenal politician. He was a pathetic general and not very sane, but he was a phenomenal speaker with the ability to convince a lot of people to agree with him. Even though now we think that there’s no way someone like Hitler could come to power again it really does make you think about how easy it might be for Hitler to get into a position of power now.

Deep Thinker 2.2

Source: The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan Page 231

Context: They are talking about the destruction of an animal to bring down a great power

Quote: “But there is power in killing innocence. Terrible power.”

This makes me think: I’m not sure why I picked this one it’s not like most people get cosmic abilities from shooting a random old lad on the street. However something about this seems to be something most writers agree with. In Harry Potter you have to kill in order to make a Horcrux. And then in this book I found it as well. I think the reason most people think this is because most of us are distraught and disgusted about killing something innocent so we as humans have to have a reason for someone to do it.

Deep Thinkers 2.1

Source: The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan page 230

Quote: “We’ve been anticipating a huge and dangerous monster, but…”

Context: At this point in the book they’ve been looking for an animal that can destroy the foundation of their society, but then they see this cow-eel thing that isn’t harmless at all and realize that that’s what they were looking for. Even though it couldn’t hurt a fly.

This makes me think: I think that the most dangerous things in our life are probably everyday things we don’t think about. Even though it might be that we could get burnt down in a fire, or shot in a war, the most likely thing to kill us is probably the cars we see on the freeway, or the people around us (science says that 1 in some small number of people are psychopaths.) But we still need to remember that we can still be friends with these people and drive our cars.

Deep Thinker 1.6

Source: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne. Page 170

Quote: “‘It’s only food.’ Bruno said. ‘I can’t’ said Shmuel, shaking his head”

Context: Shmuel is a jew in a concentration camp who has been brought up to Bruno’s house to clean some glasses for Bruno’s father, a high ranking Nazi official’s, birthday party. Bruno is offering Shmuel food and Shmuel is refusing it.

This Makes Me Think: It’s cool to see the differences between the poor, abused, hungry Shmuel and the healthy, happy Bruno. To Bruno the food doesn’t mean anything and he could give it away to everyone at the concentration camp. But, to Shmuel the food is everything and needs to be cherished. It’s interesting to see the differences and Bruno’s ignorance.

Deep Thinkers 1.5

Source: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne. Page 164

Quote: “‘There’s a pirate in it,’ said Bruno. ‘Called Long John Silver. And a boy called Jim Hawkins.

‘An English boy?’ asked Kotler.'”

‘Yes’ said Bruno.

‘Grunt,’ grunted Kotler.”

Context: Bruno runs into a Nazi soldier named Lieutenant Kotler. He doesn’t like Kotler and Kotler asks him what he is doing. Bruno is reading Treasure Island and this is the conversation that follows

This Makes Me Think: I think that this is a really clever way that the author successfully shows us the extent of the Nazi’s hatred for the English and the Allies. While not exactly inspiring it shows how people turn against everything associated with someone in a time of war.

Deep Thinkers 1.4

Context: The Journal of Curious Letter by James Dashner, page 134

Quote: “He told it all and when he finished, he felt like three loads of concrete had been lifted from his chest.”

Context: Tick has been meeting some pretty weird people and some potentially dangerous stuff has started to happen to him lately. He just sat down with his dad and is telling him what is happening. 

This Makes Me Think: I think that some people feel that it’s annoying when someone tells them how good it is when you unload a guilt onto someone. But I don’t think that we can stress it enough how important they are. So, furthermore people sometimes do need to unload something onto someone.