On Not Being Seen

In A Monster Calls, Harry tells Conor “I don’t see you anymore.” Then the Monster comes and tells Conor the third tale. The third tale is about an invisible man who wants people to notice them. So, he calls the Monster to make them see. While this is being told to Conor he is beating up Harry with the Monster’s power. I think that while Conor doesn’t want everyone to “see” him and give him instant VIP treatment because of his mum, he does want just one or two people who can understand what he’s feeling.  However, because he’s going through puberty and isn’t sure how to deal with life he’s feels like he hast to push away people like lily who can actually relate with him. I think that it’s important to understand what Conor is going through because he doesn’t know what to feel so he pushes everyone away, which is exactly the opposite of what he truly wants. What Conor, and anyone else going through something like depression, needs to do is get help and talk to other people and what can feel for him.

Belief – The Second Tale

In “A Monster Calls” the monster comes and shows Conor a dream about a time where the monster destroys this old Parson’s house because he wasn’t true to his beliefs. I think that in order to stay true to ones beliefs one has to truly believe them. I don’t think that the Parson fully believed what he was teaching. The Monster also tells Conor that belief is half the healing. So, with Conor’s mum dying from cancer if she believes that she can be healed. But more importantly I think that if Conor accepts that he can make it through his mum’s death than he can find the strength to stop being a jerk and get help.

There is not Always a Good Guy

I think that just because most of the time our stories have people who are 100% good and 100% evil that often we think that it can’t be a good story if it doesn’t have this. However, I think that the best stories (Harry Potter, To Kill a Mockingbird) have people where they don’t quite fit into this mold perfectly. Harry Potter in book 5 is a jerk that nobody likes, and Scout doesn’t get along with her aunt. Yet these stories still have lessons to teach and also even if they don’t they’re still good simply because they’re down-to-earth.

I think that while the monster says that he didn’t come to teach Conor a lesson of kindness he’s still giving a lesson and I think that he outright tells conor what that lesson is. People are not always perfect and perfectly evil.

How I Deal with Hard Things

I haven’t really had any hard things in life. I think that the hardest thing I’ve had to go through is Rudy dying in the Book Thief. Ha Ha just kidding. But I think that know is just as good a time as ever to talk about a subject like this. I think that it’s important to talk to other people when we are going through something. If we don’t talk to other people than it just sits inside our brain rotting us out until we’re nothing but a meat sack with a brain. When you let something like that happen, you fall into a state of depression and suicidal thoughts. So, don’t let it eat you from the inside. Talk to your family or get a therapist.

Book Thief Film Review (the ending sucked)

What the movie did well: I thought they had a good casting of Rudy Steiner. The only thing I thought that was bad about him was that he waited a little too long for Liesel. Their casting was wonderful overall and most of the characters did a good job despite that they got only 2 hours for the movie.

What the movie did poorly: I HATED THE ENDING. They completely ruined it. The book had it perfectly done to the point that it would put you on the edge of tears. AND THEN WHEN YOU GET TO THE MOVIE YOU THINK “OH, WELL THAT WAS LAME!!!!!” It wasn’t a tear-jerk er at all and I was half yawning how bad it was compared to the book.

Ways the movie was like the book: The movie was good because it did a good job with the narrator and making it death. However I quite liked the scene where Liesel arrive because it was quite well-done.

Ways the movie was not like the book: THE ENDING SUCKED. I cannot stress enough how bad the ending was.

What I thought of the movie overall: I like the movie but it was terrible at the end. If the movie had ended without that bad of an ending I would have loved.

A Little Light in the Darkness

I think that the Book Thief was a good book even if it swore a lot. I thought that the book, from a writers perspective, was good and that the plot line and message of the book was great. Do I wish it would have sworn less? Yes. But I still think that it was worth it. Because even though we talk about the Holocaust a lot in school, and I think we don’t talk about it enough still. I think that it was cool to see how little Liesel and Rudy knew about the concentration camps. I also thought it was interesting how much more she hated the Nazis once she learned that than when she didn’t know it before.

The Power of Words #2

In The Book Thief Max Vandenburg writes a story about liesel called the Word Shaker. In the story Max uses a lot of symbolism. In the story he talks about a big tree, an idea, which nobody can chop down. But, one day, a man comes into the town and finds the girl who planted the tree sitting in the branches. They talk and she chooses to come down. In my opinion it shows how she had an idea the she chose to share with other. When she is climbing down the tree she decided to share her idea, but when she is on the ground and the tree topples it is when other can understand her idea and grow that idea. I think this applies to our life because it shows how we are the only ones who decide what to do with our ideas. We can share them, or let them be destroyed.

Secrets are no Fun

In “The Book Thief” we see that Liesel has the secret of stealing food and book, and Hans and Rosa have the secret of hiding Max. Are all these secrets good for them, and what could the effect be of them. Well the obvious one is that when Rosa and Hans are hiding Max if they get found their entire family will sent to Dachau but what might the affect of Liesel’s secrets. I think that Liesel could potentially get caught by Rosa and get a good beating because she didn’t share. I don’t think that the extent of Liesel’s secret is going to be that bad but once again I think that Rosa and Hans are in some pretty hot water.

The Machinations that Wheel us There.

When in the Book Thief Death tells us that Rudy “didn’t deserve to die the way he did.” Do we believe that he is lying or that he is telling the truth. I believe that Death is not a liar. Because, when we think about Death we realize that he is an outsider, who has nothing to gain from lying to us. He also claims that the ending is not important but rather the “Machinations that wheel us there.” I think that yes the machinations that wheel us there are just as important if not more than the ending, because it shows us how we and the characters have changed.

Max Abandoned His Family

In the Book Thief there is a scene where Max abandons his family with his friend to go with his friend and save himself. I think that this situation is a matter of philosophy. People might think that it was wrong and Max should have pressed for his mother, aunt, or siblings to be taken, but instead he takes himself. I think that because Max was a young able-bodies young man it was right for him to do this. Especially when we see later on in the story it torturing Max as he wonders if he did the right thing.