Source: Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dying of the Light

Quote: ” “That doesn’t mean we expected someone to be able to walk he prisoner out the front door,” Valkyrie said.

Tanner ground his teeth. Stephanie could almost hear it. “I assure you, we are conducting a thorough investigation into how this happened. Now, if you’ll excuse me I came here to help with organizing a search, not to be berated by a mass murderer.”

Stephanie’s eyebrows shot up and Skulduggery slammed Tanner against the wall. The other two sorcerers tried to pull him back, and Valkyrie just stood there, stunned.

“Let go of me!” Tanner commanded, his face flushed bright red. “Release me this instant!”

Ignoring the attempts to separate them, Skulduggery leaned in close, and whispered something into Tanner’s ear. Whatever he said, it was enough to turn that flushed face deathly pale.”

Context: Val, Steph, and Skulduggery are talking to a prison operator and are trying to get to the bottom of an escaped prisoner. Val’s dark side that is a separate entity that looks just like her had murdered a *few* people. I would’ve included more of the passage but I didn’t want to push it.

This Makes Me Think: I chose this because it just proves how much Skulduggery cares about Val and how people are going to think about Val for the next 5 books (it’s a long series, but it’s worth it.) I thought that this passage had a lot of meaning and will shape our view of some of the characters. It made me feel like I was in the moment and like I watched this whole thing unfold. This gave me ideas about how the characters interact with each other and how the characters feel about Valkyrie. I love this passage because of the raw feelings portrayed in it.

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