The First Story I Read

The story I read is called¬†All Summer in a Day¬†by Ray Bradbury. It starts in a classroom with students waiting to see the sun for the first time while living on Venus. Except one girl named Margot, who does remember the sun and is basically broken about not having it in her day to day life. So, for the first time in a long time she is very excited about something. She’s going to get to experience the sun for just a few hours compared to the endless downpour and rain on Venus. However, the other students and children living there don’t like that she is different than everyone else and not happy living here because this is the only place they remember living. They don’t remember the sun and the warmth it gives off but Margot does. For this reason they are really jealous of her and her memories of living on earth. So the other children’s jealousy gets in the way of Margot’s one chance of being happy again even just for a little bit.

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