“Harlem” Poetry Response

The first time I read the poem I thought it was a little weird and the words choice was not the best. However, after looking closer and more deeply at it I realized that it made me make certain connections and ask questions. When first reading it I didn’t find it very deep. I think a lot of people could have written it trying to be all deep and stuff. But I like the authors messages behind it.. However I kind of like this about the poem because it makes you want to think deeper about it and makes every person have their own connection and question. I like the fact that the dream is deferred and not lost or gone. When a dream is dead or gone it means that you have lost interest in it but when it’s deferred it’s something that you want to do but just can’t. It makes the whole poem a little more sad. It’s also kind of annoying like some of the things the author compared it to like a sore and rotten meat. But at the same time there is still hope that you can do it like the syrupy sweet.

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  1. ya i agree i didnt understand what the author was trying to say but the more i read it the more i understood what the poem was about

  2. I didn’t understand at first either but it made me think deeper about the meaning and connection to others.

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