Book Club Response 2

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1.) Loung and her family are looking for a way to move to America. They need to find a sponsor which can take a while and they also have to save up all of their gold. On June 5, Meng announces that they will be traveling across the ocean to a place called Vermont, which nobody really knows anything about. The book ends with the family stepping on the plane.

2.) The scene I chose for our groups podcast was when Pa was asked to “help move a wagon” by some soldiers and never returns back to the family. I chose this because it’s a key point in the whole book, it’s the part that the title is based off of.

3.) Khmer Rouge Regime Facts: – The point was to create a “master race” for Cambodia using social engineering

– This killed more than 2 million people in the Southeast Asian Country

– Death normally consisted of disease and starvation during the Khmer Rouge Regime

BC: Response 1

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1.) Loung’s family is still struggling with Keav’s death about four months later. Their nightmares come true about the Khmer Regime finding out about Pa’s former government employment when two soldiers come and ask Pa to help them with a task. The soldiers claim that Pa will be back the next morning, but Loung can tell by the way that Pa is saying goodbye, that it isn’t true. Pa never returns and everybody has their way of grieving.

2.) Loung Ung is a survivor of the Khmer Rogue Regime. This is a true story based on her childhood dealing with the Khmer Regime. Loung wanted to tell her story by writing a book about it, it also has developed into a movie.

3.) My guess is she finds a way to deal and cope with everything that happened and how it has affected her later life.

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