How I’m Dealing With This Coronavirus Stuff

I’m scared of the coronavirus. I won’t go outside because there is probably someone out side who just goes around coughing on people infecting them. I believe that in the near future, the entire world will become infected by the coronovirus and the Apocalypse will¬† soon begin. We could be preparing, but we are stuck here doing online school. The apocalypse is coming and I must prepare for the inevitable doom of our dear planet. That is how I am dealing wit the corona virus right now. And I have been righting my English blog posts as well as preparing.


“Harlem” Poetry Response

This poem actually really confused me. I didn’t understand anything about it. But once I really looked into it and read the summary, I felt like I understood the poem just a little bit. The title is Harlem, and the summary said that it was a place were African Americans could go to make their dreams a reality. But once the white people really started abusing the blacks in the 50’s, their dreams were crushed. They said their dreams went through a horrible process until at the end, their dreams exploded and were lost. That would have been extremely hard, watching something you cared about and grew as a person with, just explode because of your race.

Consider Things from His (or Her) Point of View

I really see from Tom Robinson’s’ point of view. It would have been horrible for a black man to live in the south even way after the civil war. They were still treated for most part the same. They were outcasts and this book really shows this in the character of Tom Robinson. He goes to work everyday, and after continually helping Myella Ewell, they still get into this little scuffle and Bob Ewell, the white man, accuses a black man for a crime he didn’t commit. But it is Alabama so a black man basically has no say, and it is a rigged trial. Tom Robinsons head probably would have been exploding, knowing that he didn’t commit this crime and he has to suffer the consequences because he is a black man.



Strange Fruit

What I really think te author was going for in this poem, was to show that this was happening everywhere. I feel like it would have been pretty common for this kind of thing. It is crazy to think that at this time in history, is was socially acceptable to go out and do this kind of thing. Too take a human life just because of their race. The author says that the crows would come and pick at the “Strange Fruit”, which really puts things in perspective. You could just be walking down the road and see a human body hanging from a tree, rotting in the sun, and having the crows pick at it.They also said this was a strange crop. What I personally think they mean is that is not right. It is a strange fruit because it is not supposed to be there. You could be smelling the flowers and then the smell of rot. There are many things that this author could have been representing, but that is what I personally think of after reading this poem.

Blind Spots

What I think Atticus means by people having blind spots is, that some people have just adapted to a certain way of life that things that are normal for others are in that persons blind spot. They think they are doing something perfectly harmless, but in reality, it is hurting a lot of people. They don’t really know what they are doing. Their blind spots could be big or small, and that could affect people in many ways.¬† They could really hurt someone.All barbecue of their blind spots and their beliefs and all of their wrong doings they thought were correct.


Real Courage

I think of courage, like bravery. Some things are gonna be really hard, and you have to have courage to do these things. Atticus’ definition is pretty similar. Jem did not want to go read to Mrs. Dubose because of the past experiences he has had with here. But Atticus still makes him go. He says that is what real courage is. Still going even though you are gonna fail. Why would you not try. It is pretty similar to what some or most people think of as courage. Going to do hard things. But he adds that Jem was gonna fail. I think we all need to have more courage in our lives. Mr Earl.



This is kind of a hard topic to write about. There is basically two schools of thought here. The first one is that you could give up. Why waste time and energy just if you know you gong to lose. You don’t create hate for yourself and you didn’t waste your time. But you couldn’t give up. You could try as hard as you can, even though you know you are going to fail. I might be much harder than giving up, but after it is over, you have the satisfaction of know you tried and things just didn’t work out. Now people will see you are a hard worker and you will leave a better legacy for yourself after you have left this life.

Busy Worrying About the Next World

There are some people out there who are so focused on whats going to happen to them after they die, they never take the time to enjoy the life that they are living right now. Miss Maudie says that a bible in one mans hand could be more dangerous than a whiskey bottle in another. What I think she is saying is that whiskey can be bad, but if a man was focusing on the beliefs in the bible and the afterlife he could never again come to enjoy the precious life they are living right now. I’m not saying focusing on what comes next in our journey is a bad thing, but it becomes a bad thing when you basically throw this life away just to know what will come next.

Climbing into Another Person’s Skin

I actually think crawling into another persons skin can be helpful when interacting with others. You might have different feelings than they do, but if you put yourself in their skin, you will be able to feel their feeling and see something from a different point of view and that might affect you in a lot of ways. This is probably something I could do better at, I feel like one could gain a lot from looking at things from a different point of view, and that might help you later on in your lifetime. But I would also like other people to do this more because I would like others to know what i’m feeling and take a look at a situation form a different point of view that could benefit us all.


Where I’m From

My grandmother was born in Canada, and moved to West Virginia to marry my grandfather. They then moved to Virginia and that is where my mom is from. My dad is from Sandy, and moved to American Fork as a teenager. My parents both ended up going to Utah State, and that is where they met. A few years later, I was born in American Fork hospital, and we got a house in American Fork, but then we moved to Pleasant Grove because American Fork is not a good place to live and PG sorta is. That is where I am from and I lived in PG my whole entire life being here on this planet most people would call Earth.


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