What’s this gotta do with me?

In the story,”The Landlady”, there is a man named Billy Weaver who is working and needs a place to stay. He finds a small bed and breakfast and decides to stay there. While he is there, the landlady is really kind to him, but acts really strange. He begins to trust this woman and that eventually gets him killed. How this story applies to me is that people need to take precautions. I have been deceived before but it hasn’t been as rough as Billy. I was too quick to trust and that eventually came back to get me later on. People might act extremely nice, but their motives might make it so this person is not a very trustworthy person that wants to cause you pain and harm. But that isn’t the whole story. Some people I judged too quickly, and that also harmed me.


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  1. That is some very good insight on this story. I think that the worst part of the story was the end when he got poisoned and she was going to stuff him.

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