The Story I enjoyed the Most Or Disliked the least.

The story I enjoyed the most was “The Story of An Hour” By Kate Chopin. It is about a woman named Mrs Mallard who is troubled with a heart disease. Her husband dies in a tragic accident and she takes some time to mourn. But while she is felling sad, she discovers that there is a feeling driving her away from being sad. She soul searches some more and realizes she is free. But in a turn of events, her husband walks through the door and she dies of the “joy that kills.” I really like the story because the author uses a lot of authors craft to get her pint around, and the transition between her feeling sad to being free from the world and other people. In the story it also said, there was a monstrous joy that came over her, and I really feel like this sums of the transition of the story pretty well.

5 Thoughts.

  1. I really enjoyed this story too. I enjoyed the build up and thought where the author put craft it helped the story flow better.

  2. For the most part I really enjoyed that story also, the use of authors craft was very apparent throughout the proceedings of the story.

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