What’s on my mind?

There is not a lot on my mind. My elbows kind of hurt, but that is mostly it. A few days ago, I had a question. Why is metal shiny? I really don’t know. Does anyone really know? What do we know? Has the human race peaked already? My mind is buzzing with questions at this very moment. I am craving oatmeal. I am very hungry right now and food would sound really good. My brother is sick and is at home right now. How could we have survived the ice age? I want food really bad right now, please, someone help, anyone. I can’t wait until schools out because I want to go the store for more money for more of that delicious oatmeal I have been craving. Good day ma’ams and gentlemen


What’s this gotta do with me?

In the story,”The Landlady”, there is a man named Billy Weaver who is working and needs a place to stay. He finds a small bed and breakfast and decides to stay there. While he is there, the landlady is really kind to him, but acts really strange. He begins to trust this woman and that eventually gets him killed. How this story applies to me is that people need to take precautions. I have been deceived before but it hasn’t been as rough as Billy. I was too quick to trust and that eventually came back to get me later on. People might act extremely nice, but their motives might make it so this person is not a very trustworthy person that wants to cause you pain and harm. But that isn’t the whole story. Some people I judged too quickly, and that also harmed me.


Suspense and Word Choice

One morning, I was sitting at my kitchen table eating my lucky charms when, all of the sudden, a dog burst through my front door.I was completely taken aback by this disturbance. I was brisk to react as the dog came barreling down my hallway. I whipped around just in time to grab the dog by collar before it got to the kitchen. I was just about to remove the dog from my presence when a large figure came bursting through the door. It took me a minute to realize what was going on and this man explained that the dog was his that ran away. As he was chasing it, it ran into mu house. I gave him his dog and returned to my bowl of cereal.

Free! Body and soul free!

In today’s society, there are many things that can make one feel trapped. There are people trapped all around us and we don’t realize it. People can be suffering from depression or just getting bullied. But other people might not fell trapped, but left out, neglected by the ones that they trusted. But we can help. We can truly be free by helping others that also feel trapped. We can be that person who is there when others need help.Be the person who answers the call when others are crying out. We need to be there so we can truly be free, body and soul free.

1st Term Business

It has been a while since I walked in here. I definitely feel much smarter in my brain because of all the knowledge Mr. Green gave to me in the time is spent in his class. But I do fell like I can put in a little extra work. I feel like I haven’t put in a full effort. I don’t know if I am the only on that feels that way, but I will try harder in second term and really grow as a person along the way. I also feel like I can give more of an effort in all my other classes.

Tech: Friend or Foe

I feel like technology is, though can help us in many ways, is going in the wrong direction. There is many things that can hurt people, even online. There is cyber bullying. Most people cannot see it, but it is there. People don’t want to talk about it so nothing worse will happen to them. They are stuck in an endless loop. People can stalk you online and scary pictures like of scary people. There is some good though. When you get stuck on homework, you just google the answer and you can get an A. The internet is cool if you can be smart and cool also.


The First Story I Read

The story I read was “The Sound of Thunder” By Ray Bradbury. It is about a time traveling safari company that will take people back and allow them to shoot dinosaurs. They have strict rules that you are not allowed touch anything at all. The story tells that If something happens in the past, something very small, like the death of a beautiful butterfly, that in the future, something could go very wrong and mess up everything. But the main character, Mr. Eckle doesn’t believe this is so. He doesn’t think that anything bad could happen to him, But he thought wrong and paid the price for it.

What I’ve been Reading

Recently, I have been reading a lot of good books. At school, I am reading a book called The Call of The Wild by Jack London. It is a really good book about how a dog becomes a well rounded sled dog. At home, I am reading a book called The River Runs Through It. It is about a family that lives in Montana who enjoy fly fishing. Other books I like are Unbroken, and The boys in the Boat. These books really make you humble. They teach you about how other people have hardships that you couldn’t imagine having to go through.

I Can Use Figurative Language

One day, I was walking down the street to meet my friends. It was winter and the snow looked like a white blanket. I started to walk faster because it was getting late. As I reached my friends house, the sun waved goodbye as fell below the horizon. I walked in the house and Johnson’s eyes were ice as he stared at me as I tracked snow through the house. I did not like the look and I left. It later turned out that he was a mean boy and did not like people and would be a horrible friend to all that he met.

2095: What will the future be like.

In the future, I believe that the human race will have eliminated half of itself for different reasons. Some countries just killed half of their people because of overpopulation. We finally were able to get to Mars, and we started another colony on it. So half of the Earth moved away. But the actually cool people that stayed on Earth don’t have to worry about things like traffic, overpopulation, and there not being enough good food that everyone wants to eat. There won’t be that many technological advancements.  Just more phone were made. People realized smart technology actually inst that helpful and we just got rid of it. And Australia doesn’t actually exist.

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