Post #4 Background Information

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Iran has a total population of 81.16 million people. The worlds 18th most populated country. Most people live in the central plateau and speak Indo-Iranian Dialects. The capital city of Iran is Tehran with a population of 8 million. Christianity is reportedly the fastest growing religion in Iran. Another big city in Iran is Mashhad, and it is known as a place of religious pilgrimage. Full of golden domes and a circular complex tomb. This city has many cool museums full of old artifacts and very rare pieces of history.


Book Club Final Response

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I am Malala was an amazing book to read. It really opens up about how hard people have it in other countries. She never gave up even risked her life to get education for herself and all other women around her. It was very sad to hear about all the bad things happening to everyone that fought along side of her. Malala didn’t let getting shot in the head stop her, she pushed through until she won her battle. This book is very inspirational and shows how you can follow your dreams and fight for what you believe in and achieve anything. Malala is a strong, brave, inspirational women and i think everyone should try out this book. It’s very heart warming and an amazing lesson to learn.

Book Club Response 2

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In the novel I am Malala, she is fighting in her country for girls to go to school. Everyone is retaliating against her for fighting for what she believes in. Her dad is on her side helping her as much as he can. Malala and her family have been receiving death treats to try to make them quiet, but that doesn’t stop them. They keep on fighting their hardest for their rights. The important scenes in the novel are very important. Malala had been shot in the head when she wouldnt be quiet, she was rushed to the hospital and somehow still made it through. She is very brave and strong and does not give up. This book has an amazing back story and I think everyone should read it. Talks a lot about courage, sacrifice, and power. When you believe in something you should never give up no matter what the price. She fought for her life to help not only herself, but other women in her country. When you really want something and believe in it you should fight as hard as you can to get it.

Book Club Response 1

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I am reading the book, I Am Malala and i’m into the part when she is being threatened and so is her family for trying to stand up for what is right. This book sends a very strong message that you can stand up for what is right and fight for what you believe in and still make it through. The author of this book is Malala Yousafzai and she is from Mingora, Pakistan, she is a women trying to get a decent edcuation and the men of her country dont want that or think that women are entitled to such thing so she fought her heart out to get some rights. She decided to write this book to share her amazing story to the world around her and needed to be heard. She has great experience in this location, she has lived there her entire life.  An interesting fact about her, she was shot in the head and still survived after good care in the hospital. I predict the rest of the book to show a few more hard struggles until she gets what she wanted to accomplish. This is an amazing book to read, helps you to know that you can go out and get after what you want if you really try hard.

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