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I am reading the book, I Am Malala and i’m into the part when she is being threatened and so is her family for trying to stand up for what is right. This book sends a very strong message that you can stand up for what is right and fight for what you believe in and still make it through. The author of this book is Malala Yousafzai and she is from Mingora, Pakistan, she is a women trying to get a decent edcuation and the men of her country dont want that or think that women are entitled to such thing so she fought her heart out to get some rights. She decided to write this book to share her amazing story to the world around her and needed to be heard. She has great experience in this location, she has lived there her entire life.  An interesting fact about her, she was shot in the head and still survived after good care in the hospital. I predict the rest of the book to show a few more hard struggles until she gets what she wanted to accomplish. This is an amazing book to read, helps you to know that you can go out and get after what you want if you really try hard.

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