Blog Post #3: Bookish Things That Bring Me Comfort

I love the coziness associated with reading. Snuggling up in my bed with a good book on a rainy or cold day, relaxing just to read, losing track of time as I immerse myself in a new story. I love reading about fantastical adventures and romance and exploration, but I also find historical books to be enthralling. I love reading about the past: what actually happened or what could have been. In the video he mentioned how he likes finding fanart that matches with the characters and dreaming about his future library, as well as the excitement of a new book arrival. These apply to me as well – I’ve always loved looking at art and architecture as it’s incredibly fascinating to me.

Another thing which I find myself doing often is daydreaming. I daydream about the stories that I’m reading, and I daydream about stories that I conjure up in my mind. Though most of these ideas will never see the light of day (they’re only for my brain), I still love imagining so many different scenarios and worlds. I love the artistic creativity that goes into writing books, fiction or otherwise. In fact, I find narrative nonfiction books to be some of the most intriguing because they have a realistic feel while also being compelling to read story wise. My favorite thing about reading on my own time, though, is not having to take notes for school. Annotating while reading is one of the things I hate the most, so being able to just lose myself in a book completely and not have to worry about writing an essay on it later is so relieving.

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