Post #8: Lit Circle Final Project

Movie Review: Every Day (2018) – Speak Now Storyteller

For our book, Every Day, some of the most important songs in my opinion were “Colors” and “I Want You.” The latter is exactly what it sounds like, a song about wanting someone. The main character, A, doesn’t know if it’s right, all they know is that they want Rhiannon. “Colors” is about feeling blue and wanting someone you love, which I feel really relates to both of the main characters because they always have to walk away from each other when all they want is to stay. Another song I picked, “Chrono diver,” is perfect to represent the main character. It talks about always waking up in the darkness of beginning and losing yourself between memories, which is exactly what happens to A every time they change bodies.

I really like our soundtrack and its diversity. I picked lots of songs from different genres so it has a broad scope and I can represent so many different feelings and emotions through each song. I guess that’s a double-edged sword, though, because the complete diversity in genres means that the soundtrack probably isn’t very cohesive, if you were to actually listen to it all the way through. I liked the unique concept of the story and the thrill of love, but I guess it kind of lacked in substance. I really wanted it to focus more on the storyline with Nathan but it just focused on the love story. Which is fine, I’m just not as into that.

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