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The box

One day a box was on my door step. I wanted to open it right away. But mom said I had to babysit my brother. When I was done I started to tare of the tape, than dad said dinner time. When I was finished I could finely open the box. Then the mail man came and said wops wrong house!



the end



One day I was bored so I asked my mom, if I could invite a friend over. She said yes, so one of my friends came over. We Decided to make cookies once they were done. We tried them it really buttery so I guess I know for next time!


         Help me

My grandpa

I see my grandpa doing a puzzle in my grandma and grandpa’s living room. My grandma is cooking dinner in the kitchen. The puzzle probably has 1000 pieces in it. Once he is done with the sides he will start the inside. A thought I have about this is when I go to their house he is doing a puzzle.

Christmas eve!

On Christmas eve me and my cousins go ice skating for a long time. Then we go to my ants house we play and then we a dig dinner. And some times wach a move then we have to leave so we give our early presents and leave.

guess the story


Guess the sentence

one 😉 day 👦 🙆💁👦🐟🚙⛽🚤🐟👍

The end do you have a story on your  blog

Cute animals

Hear are some really cute animals.

Music I like

Me and my family really like music a lot my mom and my sisters like pop. Me and my dad like classic rock. I also like pop and musical music and stuff like that.

what music do you like?

Baby animals

I love animals this is a photo of a baby calf  it is sleeping my favorite baby animal is a baby poler -bear do you have a favorite baby animal?

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