Final Project Blog Post

I made my soundtrack to represent the social issues that are brought up in The Hate U Give.  I tried to find songs that specifically called out racial injustice while still having the same tone of the book. One song I really liked was Land of the Free by The Killers. This was one of my favorites because it specifically called out the fact that people of color have to constantly watch how they act and be respectful or it could mean their lives. I also really like the song Be Free by J. Cole because not only is he an amazing artist but this song is brutally honest about the reality of these situations. It’s about how trapped they feel, constantly fearing for their lives just because of their race. That even though they had no weapons the cop still drew his. I think that’s why I love this novel so much, I’ll never know what it’s like to grow up in those situations but I’m so happy that I and others can be educated through this book about what really happens. I honestly hated nothing about this book because it was so raw and real, yeah it’s hard to admit that these things happen in the world but we need to acknowledge the problem so we can fix it. Honestly, reading this book was very sad for me, it’s terrible that people actually go through this every day and the fact that the officer was never convicted angered me greatly but It was the right choice for the book because more than not that’s what happens. Overall I completely loved this book and think it’s one everyone needs to read.

Blog #6 “Talking Pictures”

I relate this picture to the scene where Khalil is shot. This is because it shows a normal truck just like Khalil’s, the one he and Sarr were driving when it happened.  Completely ordinary and no reason to be suspicious.


  This picture shows the police department. I chose this because it represents the police and they definitely play an important role in shaping the story. They also represent the community’s struggles with feeling safe and their fear.


I chose this photo because I feel it represents Starr’s father. It depicts is failing roses he’s constantly attending to which I feel represent his passion and work to make his neighborhood safe and keep everyone out of crime, that even though it’s hard he keeps working on it.



Lastly, I feel like the author is wrapping up the story nicely. I feel we’re moving to a good ending where hopefully the cop will receive justice and everyone will inspire to make a change. However, if they decide the cop doesn’t receive justice I’m not sure which direction they’re gonna take it but either way, I think it’ll be good.

Book Show and Tell – Uglies

The book I’m sharing is Uglies  by Scott Westerfield. This book is set in the furture and is about a society that is based around beauty standards. Basically the governnment has the people split into two groups: the uglies and the pretties. The problem is they are so concered about being pretty and focused on parties rather than payng attention to the world around them, and when they undergo their cosmetic surgery they turn a type of brain dead and lose original thoughts. So throughout the story we follow a young girl who sneaksout of the city and comes upon a group of outside uglies who teach her about the world and whats really going on while her love interest helps her break down her superficial standards and learn what it means to be truly beautiful. We watch as she grows and decides whether to be apart of the system and become pretty or fight against it and help all of her brain dead friends. It’s a really good book and I highly recommend it. Especially if you enjoy more intense fighting books and coming of age romance/ finding yourself books as its a mix between the two.  All in all I absolutely loved this book and think you will too!

Blog #6 Social Justice Backround

The book I am reading is The Hate U Give. It is an amazing book bringing awarness to the predujudice and racism against people of color. The ideology of race can be dated back to the period of  colonization and slavery when white colonizers sought to create a hierarchy between themselves the Indigenous people whose land they were invading, and the African people they had enslaved. Racism has been a problem in american society and culture for centuries and only now is our society starting to see the problem and is working to try to fix it. There are many notable people in the past who have worked hard to make others more aware, Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, just to name a few. There have also been many prootests and organizations like Black Lives Matter working hard to stop the injustice. The Novel The Hate U Give does an incredible job at bringing up many of the problems people of color still deal with today and specifies on police brutality and finding your voice to fight back. It gives us a look into a young black girls life and how she deals with police brutality and watching her friends die as well as fitting into her all white school and feeling accepted. Towards the begining it gives us the scene of her drivng with her friend when he gets pulled over. It shows us he was doing nothing wrong and had no weapons but still because of his color the cop was scared and shot, killing the teenage boy.  I love this book and other like it because they show us real problems happening around the world. I feel they give us real insight and perspective on things we’d other wise never have known about. It allows to learn from their point of view and open our minds about these issues, and help us realize there is a problem so we can work hard to fix it. Most of all they teach us to use our voice and fight for what’s right.

Blog #5 Final Steelheart Post

First of all, I’d like to start with how much I enjoyed the Steelheart novel. It had so many scenes that rose questions about heroes and villains, and even how humans play a part in their lives. One point we can take away is how for there to be a good hero there needs to be an even better villain, so the hero or protagonist of the story can e printed in an even better light. As for humans, I believe they can be considered heroes, even without superhuman skills. I think to make a good hero you just have to be willing to sacrifice yourself in order for the audience to really connect and see the character as a hero. I liked the surprise ending a lot, and all the hints that lead up to it. The only thing that I wish was explained a bit more in this novel is how the epics received their powers. I also would have liked to learn more about Megan after her surprise reappearance and more about prof.  Lastly, for our podcast me and my partner are going to focus on the theme of revenge as well as the villains. We are focusing on the villains because they are obviously a large part of the novel and it’ll be nice to go more in-depth on them. Then we are focusing on revenge because this is a very prominent emotion David feels throughout the whole book so we wanted to discuss whether or not it’s a viable/ethical motive.  All in all Steelheart was a great read!

Blog #4 Series Planning

The series I chose was the Steelheart series! I chose this because we read the first one in class, and I really enjoyed it and would like to see what happens next. I’ve already read the first book and plan on reading the second one by the end of March and the third by the end of April. My plan is to read every chance I get, whether it be when I’m bored or before I go to sleep!

Book Show and Tell – The Talisman

The Talisman is about a young boy named Jack Sawyer. His mother is greatly ill and all he wants is to find a way to save her. One day he meets an old man, Speedy Parker, who teaches him about the wonderful world of the Territories. It’s a dimension which coincides with our own. Jack soon learns that the territories are in great danger and that his mothers twinner (a reflection of the people in his own dimension) is also very sick, and the only way to save both is to find the talisman in California. He then embarks on a great journey from the east coast to the west and we follow him through all of his encounters as he travels and flips between worlds. We read as he learns about his fathers mysterious death, his evil uncle, and as he turns into a brave young man. Overall I enjoyed this book immensely. It is suspense throughout and always keeps you on the edge of your seat! It is definitely one of my favorites. I would recommend this to any who enjoys fantasy or thrillers. If you like suspenseful books then you’ll greatly enjoy this one!

Blog #3 Bookish Comforts

I’ve always loved reading and with that comes a lot of bookish comforts.  A few of mine that matched up with jessethereader’s are when you walk through a book store just looking at all the stories, and when book adaptions accurately capture the heart of a book. I also really relate to daydreaming about my future home library as well as reading on a rainy day. Not to mentions relating to the characters personally and really being engulfed by the story. Of course, there are many more bookish comforts that I could go on and on about.

Books always bring me comfort when I can relate to the characters or when the story itself is just happy and hopeful. One book I’ve always really enjoyed is Remembering Isaac: The Wise and Joyful Potter of Niederbipp. It is just a very comforting, peaceful, and happy story about a boy finding the meaning of life in a little town. I don’t know why I’ve always liked the book so much but when I finish reading it I’m always left happy and grateful.

Personally, the most perfect “Bookish” activity to me would be reading outside. Particularly, my favorite thing to do is go on a little hike to a pretty place on a warm summer day and just read for hours in nature. I don’t think anything can get much better than that, no distractions, a pretty view, and spending a whole day outside. It’s just absolutely perfect! Or if that’s not an option a close second is setting up a ton of blankets on my tramp and bringing snacks to have a mini picnic while I read!

Blog #2 Steelheart’s Backstory

” Why are you like this?” Young Steelheart asked his sister. Of course, he went by Declan back then, he wouldn’t be known as Steelheart for another year or so.

“Because why would I try to do good if nothing good ever happens to me,” his sister answered. She had just stolen an apple from a young child.  Food was scarce for them. She’d become cynical after their parent’s death. He hadn’t seen her smile since that day, it was only a year ago but it seemed like an eternity.  Their parents were killed the day Calamity came. Declan and his sister were left orphaned, alone, to fend for themselves on the streets of Chicago. She was happy before, and it pained young Declan to see his sister suffer. He still believed in the good of humanity but it was getting harder when his only family was so pessimistic.

“Still don’t you believe in Karma? Or helping others less fortunate?” Declan begged, hoping for any hint of sympathy or goodness in his sister’s response. Anything at all to help keep him positive and giving, for those were the characteristics his parents were best known for. Instead of a loving response, his sister pulled him in close and said in a sharp tone,

” Do you really think any of that matters? Bad things happen to the best people. Look at what happened to mom and dad. Bad things will happen to you no matter what. The world is bad and even if you try your hardest to help make it a better place someone will come along and try even harder to ruin it. So stop caring about everyone else and start caring about yourself, you are number one always. If you have a heart of steel then you can never be hurt.”

Declan’s head was pounding, he couldn’t believe what his sister had just said. He was so fragile then, he didn’t know what to think or believe. He wanted so badly to be good but it was getting harder and harder these days.  Then with almost impeccable timing, an epic rose above them in the sky.  He wore a mask darker than night and was shooting pure energy from his hands at any passing bystander unfortunate enough to be standing in his aim.

Declan looked at his sister, too stunned to know what to do and looking for some sort of direction. “Run,” she tried to scream but was cut short. The epic had hit her and she was pulverized mid-word.  Declan screamed for his sister, all that he had left was gone. Then a strong force wrapped around him and pulled him into the sky. He struggled but soon gave up knowing where he was going, Calamity. Everything he loved had been ripped away from him. It was then with the image of his sister and her last words in his mind that his heart turned to steel.

Blog #1 Introduction

Hello! I’m Lynlee and one thing I’ve always loved to do is read. It’s something I always enjoyed even when I was younger. I started learning to read when I was 4 years old! I was even reading small chapter books by the time I was in second grade. When I was younger I really liked the Percy Jackson series, they were definitely some of my favorite books. I also really liked the book series Remembering Isaac which is realistic fiction about a town potter. Now one of my favorite things to do is read outside on a nice summer day, or if it’s bad weather to curl up in bed and read a good book. Lately, my favorite books to read are ones by Stephen King. I really like mysteries and when they are spooky and intense. Personally, I prefer to read books one at a time so I can remember all the details and really get into the story line.  Lastly, my favorite types of books to read are any books that have a mystery or leave you sitting on the edge of your seat! And that’s all about me as a reader!

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