Blog #5 Final Steelheart Post

First of all, I’d like to start with how much I enjoyed the Steelheart novel. It had so many scenes that rose questions about heroes and villains, and even how humans play a part in their lives. One point we can take away is how for there to be a good hero there needs to be an even better villain, so the hero or protagonist of the story can e printed in an even better light. As for humans, I believe they can be considered heroes, even without superhuman skills. I think to make a good hero you just have to be willing to sacrifice yourself in order for the audience to really connect and see the character as a hero. I liked the surprise ending a lot, and all the hints that lead up to it. The only thing that I wish was explained a bit more in this novel is how the epics received their powers. I also would have liked to learn more about Megan after her surprise reappearance and more about prof.  Lastly, for our podcast me and my partner are going to focus on the theme of revenge as well as the villains. We are focusing on the villains because they are obviously a large part of the novel and it’ll be nice to go more in-depth on them. Then we are focusing on revenge because this is a very prominent emotion David feels throughout the whole book so we wanted to discuss whether or not it’s a viable/ethical motive.  All in all Steelheart was a great read!

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