Blog #6 Social Justice Backround

The book I am reading is The Hate U Give. It is an amazing book bringing awarness to the predujudice and racism against people of color. The ideology of race can be dated back to the period of  colonization and slavery when white colonizers sought to create a hierarchy between themselves the Indigenous people whose land they were invading, and the African people they had enslaved. Racism has been a problem in american society and culture for centuries and only now is our society starting to see the problem and is working to try to fix it. There are many notable people in the past who have worked hard to make others more aware, Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, just to name a few. There have also been many prootests and organizations like Black Lives Matter working hard to stop the injustice. The Novel The Hate U Give does an incredible job at bringing up many of the problems people of color still deal with today and specifies on police brutality and finding your voice to fight back. It gives us a look into a young black girls life and how she deals with police brutality and watching her friends die as well as fitting into her all white school and feeling accepted. Towards the begining it gives us the scene of her drivng with her friend when he gets pulled over. It shows us he was doing nothing wrong and had no weapons but still because of his color the cop was scared and shot, killing the teenage boy.  I love this book and other like it because they show us real problems happening around the world. I feel they give us real insight and perspective on things we’d other wise never have known about. It allows to learn from their point of view and open our minds about these issues, and help us realize there is a problem so we can work hard to fix it. Most of all they teach us to use our voice and fight for what’s right.