Book Show and Tell – Uglies

The book I’m sharing is Uglies  by Scott Westerfield. This book is set in the furture and is about a society that is based around beauty standards. Basically the governnment has the people split into two groups: the uglies and the pretties. The problem is they are so concered about being pretty and focused on parties rather than payng attention to the world around them, and when they undergo their cosmetic surgery they turn a type of brain dead and lose original thoughts. So throughout the story we follow a young girl who sneaksout of the city and comes upon a group of outside uglies who teach her about the world and whats really going on while her love interest helps her break down her superficial standards and learn what it means to be truly beautiful. We watch as she grows and decides whether to be apart of the system and become pretty or fight against it and help all of her brain dead friends. It’s a really good book and I highly recommend it. Especially if you enjoy more intense fighting books and coming of age romance/ finding yourself books as its a mix between the two.  All in all I absolutely loved this book and think you will too!

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