Final Project Blog Post

I made my soundtrack to represent the social issues that are brought up in The Hate U Give.  I tried to find songs that specifically called out racial injustice while still having the same tone of the book. One song I really liked was Land of the Free by The Killers. This was one of my favorites because it specifically called out the fact that people of color have to constantly watch how they act and be respectful or it could mean their lives. I also really like the song Be Free by J. Cole because not only is he an amazing artist but this song is brutally honest about the reality of these situations. It’s about how trapped they feel, constantly fearing for their lives just because of their race. That even though they had no weapons the cop still drew his. I think that’s why I love this novel so much, I’ll never know what it’s like to grow up in those situations but I’m so happy that I and others can be educated through this book about what really happens. I honestly hated nothing about this book because it was so raw and real, yeah it’s hard to admit that these things happen in the world but we need to acknowledge the problem so we can fix it. Honestly, reading this book was very sad for me, it’s terrible that people actually go through this every day and the fact that the officer was never convicted angered me greatly but It was the right choice for the book because more than not that’s what happens. Overall I completely loved this book and think it’s one everyone needs to read.

Blog #6 “Talking Pictures”

I relate this picture to the scene where Khalil is shot. This is because it shows a normal truck just like Khalil’s, the one he and Sarr were driving when it happened.  Completely ordinary and no reason to be suspicious.


  This picture shows the police department. I chose this because it represents the police and they definitely play an important role in shaping the story. They also represent the community’s struggles with feeling safe and their fear.


I chose this photo because I feel it represents Starr’s father. It depicts is failing roses he’s constantly attending to which I feel represent his passion and work to make his neighborhood safe and keep everyone out of crime, that even though it’s hard he keeps working on it.



Lastly, I feel like the author is wrapping up the story nicely. I feel we’re moving to a good ending where hopefully the cop will receive justice and everyone will inspire to make a change. However, if they decide the cop doesn’t receive justice I’m not sure which direction they’re gonna take it but either way, I think it’ll be good.