Blog #6 “Talking Pictures”

I relate this picture to the scene where Khalil is shot. This is because it shows a normal truck just like Khalil’s, the one he and Sarr were driving when it happened.  Completely ordinary and no reason to be suspicious.


  This picture shows the police department. I chose this because it represents the police and they definitely play an important role in shaping the story. They also represent the community’s struggles with feeling safe and their fear.


I chose this photo because I feel it represents Starr’s father. It depicts is failing roses he’s constantly attending to which I feel represent his passion and work to make his neighborhood safe and keep everyone out of crime, that even though it’s hard he keeps working on it.



Lastly, I feel like the author is wrapping up the story nicely. I feel we’re moving to a good ending where hopefully the cop will receive justice and everyone will inspire to make a change. However, if they decide the cop doesn’t receive justice I’m not sure which direction they’re gonna take it but either way, I think it’ll be good.

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