Book Talk: The Poet X

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This book is about a girl named Xiomara who comes from a Dominican family and never really feels like she is in a safe space. She feels uncomfortable in her own skin as well as with her family and friends. She looks for ways to cope by writing slam poetry and expressing all of her inner feelings on a page rather than saying it out loud. This novel shows the development of Xiomara as she continues to grow through poetry and become more bold in her writing. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves reading/ writing poetry and is looking for a reason to break out of their own bubble and figure out how to be comfortable with themselves and be able to fit in.

Final Lit Circle Project

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I focused the songs I chose in the soundtrack more around the overall theme of the book rather than specific parts of the story. I took what Cody was feeling in a lot of the situations and interactions she had and related them to lyrics that first popped up in my head. A lot of the songs are about loneliness and abandonment in my mind. I really liked how easy it was to relate to Cody in the way that she feels like she has no one left and her only person in the world is now gone. I didn’t like in my soundtrack how only a couple lines of the song relate to the book rather than the majority of the song, but for the most part the songs fit the book really well. The fact that most of the songs I put into the soundtrack are songs that are very emotional and deep to me made me sad, because those songs are very dear in my heart and pretty depressing for the most part. All in all, this project helped me gain a deeper emotional understanding of the main characters in the book and I really appreciated learning that much more about Cody.

Blog Post 6: Talking Pictures

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I feel like the first picture ties into all the emails Meg sent to everyone before she killed herself, as well as the pro-suicide group she was in. Email was the main way to communicate in the time that this book was set, so it is vital to know how truly important emails are in this book. It what gets the story going, and keeps it moving. Emails are the only way Cody knows how to find Meg’s friends and why she ended up taking her own life.


The second picture is just one of the many over all themes of the book. Meg didn’t feel like she had anyone on her side, so she took her own life. If she had only knew how many people love her and miss her now that she is gone, she may have rethought through her decision to kill herself. All in all, it is very important that you tell your loved ones that they are not alone and you need them as much as they need you.


The picture of the boxes is just from the beginning of the story when Cody packed up all of Meg’s belongings. It is not an incredibly crucial part of the story, it was just gut wrenching to read about a girl packing up her dead best friends things and having to truly say goodbye.


I don’t really like this book because I honestly feel like it is too dramatic for my liking, it was really good in the beginning, there was a good pace and everything felt like it was folding nicely. But when Cody started meeting Meg’s college friends and finding out her secrets, everything got bunchy and I felt overwhelmed and unorganized reading it. I have been trying to collect my thoughts throughout reading it but I feel like there are a lot of gaps and unsolved pieces that I am confused about. There are a lot of plot twists in this book so I honestly don’t even have a clue about how it will end. I don’t know if there are more characters we need to meet, and if there are still missing pieces of Meg that we haven’t quite figured out yet, but we will see what happens in these last few chapters.

Blog Post 5

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The main issue talked about in “I Was Here” is suicide, and the social construct built around it. It talks about how the reason a person killed themselves is because no one paid attention enough to them, and that is the reason they killed themselves. That a family should know their child better, or that friends should check in on them more. The history of suicide mostly started because of terrorists, more specifically, “suicide bombers”. They would kill everyone around them, including themselves, to fight for their cause. Suicide today, is more commonly the end result of depression. There are countless organizations such as “The Suicide Hotline”, “ASFP”, “NIMH” and others. I think the book I am reading brings awareness to the issue by focusing on the outside people who don’t know the true story, and then the people it directly affects, like close friends and family. Showing how much pain those people are in, and how much everyone really does care for someone with suicidal tendencies, whether that person knows it or not. That being said, if a person with suicidal tendencies doesn’t know that people care for them, what does it help if they are already gone? I really like how this novel is able to portray a somber setting and I like how gloomy the feel is. It makes me feel more emotional rather than if it had a brighter setting and trying to focus on the happy side of things. I have never really read issue- driven novels, so I think this book was a good place to start. d

Book Talk: The Uglies

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I read the book “The Uglies” by Scott Westerfield. This book is about a girl named Tally who is an ugly, and she is friends with David and Shay, who are pretties. Tally doesn’t agree with how the government is running their society, so she goes against everything she knows to try to escape her new normal. Evidently, that obviously gets her into a lot of trouble and she ends up giving herself up to the government to save her friends and family.


I really liked this book because I like the dystopian society type of books. It has a good mix of government vs. protagonist struggle and also good character development as far as individually and relationship wise.


I would recommend this book to anyone who likes government control books, as well as anyone who likes action and going against social norms.

Final Steelheart Blog Post

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I think Steelheart puts an interesting perspective on villains and humans by making the bad guys the center part of the story. Sanderson¬† makes some unique points about villains and how they aren’t just all bad, and there is a reason for their choices. I think that Steelheart has some captivating motives for why he chooses to be evil and go after the people he does. I think that the humans play a very principal role in the story because it creates levels and a sort of pyramid scheme type of conflict. Without the humans there would be no reason for a higher power, therefore, no conflict.


I really liked all of the character development like I mentioned in the podcast portion of the project. I appreciated how the motives of every character changed throughout the book and didn’t just stay the same within the plot. It changes the entire point of the story and makes it so much more interesting. I wish that we could have known just a little bit more about Steelheart, because his character is hard to understand sometimes and having a back story for him would help a lot.


We are going to talk about how people aren’t always who they seem to be. We will discuss the different motives and how they change throughout the story and how even the sides they are on often change as well.

Blog post #4: My Series Plan

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I am going to do the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld. I am going to do The Uglies, The Pretties, and The Specials. I chose it because it comes highly recommended and it seems like a type of book I would enjoy. I haven’t read any of the books in the series yet. My plan is to take 3 weeks per book to finish the series and that puts my time frame at about 2 1/2 months, right in the middle of may.

Blog post 3: Bookish things that bring me comfort

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Finding a favorite quote in a book

Organizing a bookshelf

Relating to a character

Finishing a series and then watching the movies

The first line of a book when it grabs my attention

Book covers

Finding notes in the margins

Coffee stained pages


The books that really brought me comfort were books by Jack Weyland, because he writes about all sorts of teenage girls with all sorts of trials and difficulties. I really relate to these girls and reading about them makes me feel less alone.


My most perfect bookish activity would be sitting in a comfy chair on a rainy day. I would want it to be warm in my home, but not hot. I wouldn’t want anyone around, just me and my book. I would love to hear the rain patting on my window as I let the book take over my mind.

Steelheart’s backstory

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Steelheart was never the type to want vengeance or justice for people who have wronged him. His father always taught him to practice patience and mercy on others. “Patience is more than the ability to wait, patience is knowing if what you’re waiting for is worth your time.” He would say to Steelheart whenever something made him angry. Steelheart quickly learned that some things just weren’t worth getting angry over.

Steelheart’s father was his favorite part of life. His father could easily and instantly switch Steelhearts angry mood to something that radiated calm and peacefulness. Steelheart could not imagine a world where his father was not. His father taught him some of the best lessons in life, nothing short of tying a shoe. Steelhearts father was the best person Steelheart had ever known, and he always knew he would never let anyone take that away from him. His father was his safe place, a sanctuary. Anyone who dare take away his sanctuary would live to regret it.

It was then when Steelheart realized that he wasn’t following his father’s advice on patience. His father always told him to never worry. “If you can do something about it, don’t worry. If you can’t do something about it, don’t worry.” Those words, so small, yet meaning so much to Steelheart, made his stomach turn when the realization that all Steelheart every worried about was his father came to his mind. “I just want to make you proud.” Steelheart told his father. “I’m always proud of you, you don’t have to prove anything to me.” Steelhearts father replied, setting Steelheart at ease.

When Steelhearts father was killed, the sharpness in his stomach and the heaviness in his heart felt like he was being stabbed by glass, and an ever so tight grip around his heart never stopped. The one thing in the world he thought he would never lose is now gone. Who ever killed his father was not going to get away with it. With the weight of a thousand bricks in his breath, he gasped for air and fell to the ground. The pain of losing the best person he had ever known was too much to handle, and that is when Steelheart realized that pain is not worth loving. He will get revenge on the poor soul who killed his father, regardless of what it takes or the sacrifices he has to make. And he will never make the mistake of loving someone the way he loved his father ever again.


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