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I think Steelheart puts an interesting perspective on villains and humans by making the bad guys the center part of the story. Sanderson¬† makes some unique points about villains and how they aren’t just all bad, and there is a reason for their choices. I think that Steelheart has some captivating motives for why he chooses to be evil and go after the people he does. I think that the humans play a very principal role in the story because it creates levels and a sort of pyramid scheme type of conflict. Without the humans there would be no reason for a higher power, therefore, no conflict.


I really liked all of the character development like I mentioned in the podcast portion of the project. I appreciated how the motives of every character changed throughout the book and didn’t just stay the same within the plot. It changes the entire point of the story and makes it so much more interesting. I wish that we could have known just a little bit more about Steelheart, because his character is hard to understand sometimes and having a back story for him would help a lot.


We are going to talk about how people aren’t always who they seem to be. We will discuss the different motives and how they change throughout the story and how even the sides they are on often change as well.

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