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The main issue talked about in “I Was Here” is suicide, and the social construct built around it. It talks about how the reason a person killed themselves is because no one paid attention enough to them, and that is the reason they killed themselves. That a family should know their child better, or that friends should check in on them more. The history of suicide mostly started because of terrorists, more specifically, “suicide bombers”. They would kill everyone around them, including themselves, to fight for their cause. Suicide today, is more commonly the end result of depression. There are countless organizations such as “The Suicide Hotline”, “ASFP”, “NIMH” and others. I think the book I am reading brings awareness to the issue by focusing on the outside people who don’t know the true story, and then the people it directly affects, like close friends and family. Showing how much pain those people are in, and how much everyone really does care for someone with suicidal tendencies, whether that person knows it or not. That being said, if a person with suicidal tendencies doesn’t know that people care for them, what does it help if they are already gone? I really like how this novel is able to portray a somber setting and I like how gloomy the feel is. It makes me feel more emotional rather than if it had a brighter setting and trying to focus on the happy side of things. I have never really read issue- driven novels, so I think this book was a good place to start. d

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