Final Lit Circle Project

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I focused the songs I chose in the soundtrack more around the overall theme of the book rather than specific parts of the story. I took what Cody was feeling in a lot of the situations and interactions she had and related them to lyrics that first popped up in my head. A lot of the songs are about loneliness and abandonment in my mind. I really liked how easy it was to relate to Cody in the way that she feels like she has no one left and her only person in the world is now gone. I didn’t like in my soundtrack how only a couple lines of the song relate to the book rather than the majority of the song, but for the most part the songs fit the book really well. The fact that most of the songs I put into the soundtrack are songs that are very emotional and deep to me made me sad, because those songs are very dear in my heart and pretty depressing for the most part. All in all, this project helped me gain a deeper emotional understanding of the main characters in the book and I really appreciated learning that much more about Cody.

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