Post #4 story or poem analysis

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This magazine is about the the five year anniversary of Christianity arriving to the Philippine island. As well as the challenges that came with bring Christianity to the Philippines. Then an event that is the first t0o be associated with circumnavigation who is then led by a person with the name Ferdinand Magellan. a long going tragic historical event under the role of colonial power.

The Philippines has many historical events but the Philippines still remains to stay very quiet. The Philippines was in a territorial dispute with China. It has been five hundred years since the Europeans brought Christianity to archipelago. This magazine used very long sentences and big words, that made me think a lot about every sentence. This magazine gives lots of details and sensitive topics, and gives people hope in the Philippines.

Blog post #3

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Why the Philippines bus hostage crisis isn’t over for President Aquino.

The Philippines president is faced with a crisis. It was his responsibility to deal with the hostages in the bus. Instead former police officer Colonel killed eight Hong Kong Tourists on a tour bus after 11 hours of standoff. Philippines demand to take action against government, police, military, and officials for not helping the crisis that turned into a massacre of Chinese citizens. “August in which a former police colonel killed eight Hong Kong tourists on a tour bus after an 11-hour standoff. China, extremely critical of the way authorities in the Philippines responded to the episode, is demanding action against government, police, and military officials for failing to resolve the crisis before it ended in the massacre of Chinese citizens.”  The citizens are not happy. The Philippines refuse to apologize for the massacre.

Post #2 Background

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    There is 110 million people and the growth rate is 1.52%. There is 25.5 million that have settled in the urban center, its the great Manila Metropolitan area. Cebu also has one of the biggest population. in Manila City there is markets, and ocean park, chinatown, museums, cathedral, fort Santiago,intranuros. there are 8 most popular language that is spoken there. But English and Tagalog is mostly taught there. the Philippines is rich country with both of there amazing natural resources and there human resources, but sadly they remain poor. do to there 2639.90 US dollars that go to the gross domestic. and there are also some diseases there like, the bird flu, chicken pox, diarrhea, along with others. the most centered religious group is the catholicism 80.6% of Philippine have faith in it. There are many dates that are meaningful to the Philippines, but one of them is on march 11, 1521 is the arrival of the fredianad Magellan. this is the background of the Philippines.

Infectious Diseases


Post #1 Introduction

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The Philippines

I choose the Philippines because I have heard of there beautiful beaches. I have also heard wonderful things about how good there fruits are. Some things I expect to discover is how amazing and beautiful the Philippines is. and as well as their culture, I want to discover their  life style. with discovering new things, it also brings up questions like is the Philippines culture welcoming to travelers? Is the Philippines rich or poor? and Is it safe to travel there? I guess when learning about the Philippines there will be many new things I would have never known.

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