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    There is 110 million people and the growth rate is 1.52%. There is 25.5 million that have settled in the urban center, its the great Manila Metropolitan area. Cebu also has one of the biggest population. in Manila City there is markets, and ocean park, chinatown, museums, cathedral, fort Santiago,intranuros. there are 8 most popular language that is spoken there. But English and Tagalog is mostly taught there. the Philippines is rich country with both of there amazing natural resources and there human resources, but sadly they remain poor. do to there 2639.90 US dollars that go to the gross domestic. and there are also some diseases there like, the bird flu, chicken pox, diarrhea, along with others. the most centered religious group is the catholicism 80.6% of Philippine have faith in it. There are many dates that are meaningful to the Philippines, but one of them is on march 11, 1521 is the arrival of the fredianad Magellan. this is the background of the Philippines.

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