Thanks and giving


Crappy video game references aside, Hey guys, its me.

Thanksgiving is almost here, I’m having a thanksgiving party, and I get to clean the whole house in preparation, and try to take care of my sick mother, Horray!(Sarcasm)

Anyway, I’m making a blog post, I’m in english class, Thanksgiving break is in 2 class periods, this is going to be cliche

But I’ve been asked to write about things I’m thankfull for. I tend to struggle with this stuff, But I’ll try

So lets get the cliche answers out of the way

I’m thankful for my family, yes my family, I love my family and I’m glad they take care of me like they do, they try to push me to follow my goals and to reach the sky. So thank you, Thank you mom, Thank you dad.

I’m thankful for my religion, yes I know, not everyone who could be reading this is a part of a religion, so I’ll make it as quick and painless as I can. My religion has helped me get through tough times, and also it has made me who I am. Oh and then there is all the stuff about the religion to be thankful for, like my creation, but I’m going to gloss over this.

Im thankful for my school, yes I don’t particularly like school, yes I’m not a big fan of all of my classes, yes I have had many a crappy teacher in the past, but school is responcible for teaching me, and making sure that I end up smart enough for society, not that all of society is very smart.



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