How I broke my arm in 2020

So first I asked my dad to go on the trampoline. He said maybe , then after 5 min. we went on. So then we started jumping. So I go on my back and then he double jumps me then I go higher then the net. So we were practicing and we got my family to watch the trick. so they did and the first time I landed the second time I went so high and you heard a loud snap. So I ran of the tramp screaming in pain then my mom is like lets take her to the hospital so we drove fast and they had to poke me with a needle 4 times because they couldn’t find a vain. then they take the X-rays and they said I need to get surgery in 2 days. So I got surgery and I had a cast for 2 months they put rods in my arms. And that week on Wednesday was my birthday so we couldn’t do anything crazy.Then in 2021 I got my rods out. But after was the worst. I felt sick and almost barfed, I was so dissy. Because of the medicine they gave me to fall asleep. Then I went home and ate chick filla and the next day I felt better.

My last book I read.

What is the last book you read, think about it. The last book I read was Matilda. I was a great book. I thought it was going to be boring but when I started reading it, I got into it and that night I read 50 pages. The pages are a little long but so fun. Have you read Matilda? If you haven”t you should.

How to stay happy during the corona virus

I like to play with my Brother and sister.I go on the tramp or on the hammock and ride my bike. Watch a movie or a show , play legos or eat. Go on bike rides or a walk , eat a Popsocil. Play Barbie’s , board games , just dance. Color , read , talk to my friends on the phone.What do you like to do during the virus.


MY favorite sport


What chores I have to do

Hi I am Mimi what kind of chores do you do.These are the chores that I have to do.

Sweep                                                                                 Favorite to not favorite

Fold the laundry                                                                               Vacuum  

 Put the dishes away                                                                       Sweep

Clean my room                                                                              Clean the living room

Mop                                                                                               Put the dishes away  


 Take the trash out                                                                          Take the trash out                                                                         

Clean the bathroom                                                                     Wipe the counters

Clean the living room                                                                    Clean my room

 wipe the counters                        Bye                                          Clean the bathroom

vacuum                                                                                          Fold the laundry


My favorite movies


Frozen 2


Descendants 3

The good dinosaur 

Jumanji 2




My Loving Brother

Sometimes in life it is hard without a loving brother. Sometimes people ask, what is your brother like? Well, I have found that my brother Brady is loving. He is loving because he gives the best hugs, he plays with me, and most of all because he wants to make people feel good. 


One reason Brady is loving is because he gives the best hugs. For example, one day I was having a bad day and Brady gave me a hug. I see Brady always willing to give hugs to lots of people. And most of all, Brady’s hugs feel like I am in my bed with my pillow.


Another reason Brady is loving is because Brady plays with me. For example, when we play legos he makes me laugh so hard.This shows that Brady is a good friend to play with. Sometimes he gets mad at me when we play but we figure it out. One time we played the Wii and Brady was being so weird, but it made our gaming more fun. Also, we go on the trampoline and he does flips and his head is so close to the trampoline it looks like he is going to break his head. It is really fun to play with Brady. 


And last but not least, Brady is loving because he wants to make people feel good. For example, one time Brady’s friend’s dog died, and Brady said, “I am sorry, how can I make you feel better?” What people need to know is that Brady is awesome at making people feel good. I used to think that Brady didn’t make anyone feel good but now I finally realize that Brady does make people feel good.


My brother Brady is loving because he gives the best hugs, he plays with me, and most of all because he wants to make people feel good. That is why I wrote about my loving brother Brady. Do you have a brother? If so, how is your brother like mine?

Things that I love









Hi,i am Mimi and i love cookies do you like cookies what is your favorite kind of cookies mine is  chocolate chip and oat meal Cookie 🍪

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HI,i am Mimi i love pizza my favorite is …………………. pepperoni pizza and cheese pizza What is your favorite kind of pizza. Here are some pizza pictures.Oh i almost forgot  I love meat pizza to.




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