How to stay happy during the corona virus

I like to play with my Brother and sister.I go on the tramp or on the hammock and ride my bike. Watch a movie or a show , play legos or eat. Go on bike rides or a walk , eat a Popsocil. Play Barbie’s , board games , just dance. Color , read , talk to my friends on the phone.What do you like to do during the virus.



  1. Mimi, thank you for making a post about how to stay happy during the coronavirus. I definitely agree that popsicles bring happiness! Popsicles have been one of my greatest cravings lately. I go through at least 2 boxes a week! I also like that you said talking with friends on the phone. I have found that to be true as well. I spend a lot of time doing facetime or talking on the phone with friends and family. I always feel more connected when I do that.

    Thanks for staying positive. Do you have plans for Spring Break?

  2. I like playing games, watching youtube, and do stuff with our gloforge.

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