My last book I read.

What is the last book you read, think about it. The last book I read was Matilda. I was a great book. I thought it was going to be boring but when I started reading it, I got into it and that night I read 50 pages. The pages are a little long but so fun. Have you read Matilda? If you haven”t you should.


  1. I’m almost done with a looooong book about England in the Middle Ages. It’s really interesting. It’s historical fiction, which I like because I learn about real people and events, but it’s in the form of a fun story.

    • I love when you start a book then you think it is so good and you dont want to stop reading because the book is awesome.

  2. I’m reading a book about a jester. Have you heard of jesters? They entertained people in the middle ages by joking and juggling and such. This jester is really smart and also solves murder mysteries.

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