How I broke my arm in 2020

So first I asked my dad to go on the trampoline. He said maybe , then after 5 min. we went on. So then we started jumping. So I go on my back and then he double jumps me then I go higher then the net. So we were practicing and we got my family to watch the trick. so they did and the first time I landed the second time I went so high and you heard a loud snap. So I ran of the tramp screaming in pain then my mom is like lets take her to the hospital so we drove fast and they had to poke me with a needle 4 times because they couldn’t find a vain. then they take the X-rays and they said I need to get surgery in 2 days. So I got surgery and I had a cast for 2 months they put rods in my arms. And that week on Wednesday was my birthday so we couldn’t do anything crazy.Then in 2021 I got my rods out. But after was the worst. I felt sick and almost barfed, I was so dissy. Because of the medicine they gave me to fall asleep. Then I went home and ate chick filla and the next day I felt better.

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