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guess what is happening


Thanks giving

Hi, i am Mimi I love Thanks giving it is so fun and the turkey is so good to. Do you like Thanks giving. What is your favorite part about Thanks giving.Bye


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Hi, i am Mimi I am a really good singer are you a good at singing. My favorite pop singers are………… Megan Trainer and Taylor Swift. What are you favorite pop singers. My favorite song from Megan Trainer is ……………..     3 am. And my favorite song from Taylor Swift is ………….. I think he knows.





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Hi, i am Mimi i love Halloween do you like Halloween. My favorite thing about Halloween is……..  The costumes.   I am being a vampire what are you being for Halloween. Have a Happy Halloween




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All About Giraffes


Hi, I am Mimi. I love Giraffes they are my favorite animal. What is your favorite animal.

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