Book Talk

So the book I read is called Cognitive-Behavioral Treatement of Borderline Personality Disorder. Essentially, this book details ways in which BPD is treated in therapy. It was written in 1993, so it isn’t exactly particularly fully accurate because this is almost 30 years later. I read this book after it was given to me by my boyfriend. A bit of a weird gift, but they gave it to me because they thought maybe it would help me out as I was diagnosed with BPD at the beginning of the year when I turned 18. It’s helped me become a lot more aware of myself, my habits, et cetera. It’s not something I can get rid of but the book is helping me to become self aware and make it slightly (although not much) easier to cope with. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in psychology or anyone that has or worries that they have BPD as well.

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