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Welcome to 2nd grade

This year will be a blast!


January 18 – 21, 2022

Weekly Announcement

*  I will be out of the classroom on Thursday, January 20th.

*  Parent-teacher conferences are coming up on February 2nd and 3rd.

This Week’s Activities

Reading:  for comprehension this week, we will be learning to visualize what we are reading.  In grammar we will be working on contractions.   The genre this week is realistic fiction and we will be reading a story about the Chinese New Year and discussing different traditions and customs around the world.

Writing:   the students will be finishing their opinion paper of the best superpower.

Spelling:  words with r-controlled vowels: or, ore, oar, ar

Math:    we will be finishing up our lessons on comparing 3-digit numbers and having a quiz on it.

Social Studies:  the students will be learning about fairness and setting a goal in an area they feel they could improve on.

Collaboration:  this week the school’s 6c focus is on collaboration.  Students are learning to: participate and collaborate in a group, listen to, use, and elaborate on other’s ideas, and use strategies to solve problems.